What Is the Most Popular Tile Design in the Philippines?


Decorative tiles for the home are a staple in many cultures across the world. In the Philippines, tiling is common for nearly every kind of house, from modest bungalows to grand mansions. 

Any home decorator will tell you there are limitless options for tile designs if you’re looking to jazz up your crib. But what’s the most popular tile design in the Philippines and in nearly every other country in the world?

QSSupplies went to work to find the answer. Going through popular designs from every country and cross referencing them with designs found on Pinterest and Dreamstime, the home improvement and design platform was able to map out some of the most recognizable tile designs in the world per country.

The winner in the Philippines? It’s the Baldozas Mosaicos or the so-called Machuca Tile.

Photo by QSSupplies.co.uk.

The Machuca tile is the creation of one of the oldest tile manufacturing businesses in the country. Baldozas mosaicos is the old and proper name for the Mediterranean-style tiles. The company was founded in 1903 by a man named Jose Machuca y Romero, hence the name. 


Today the Machuca tile business lives on and is being managed by Luis Machuca y Punsalan, a fourth-generation descendant of Don Jose.

Check out this map for some of the most popular tile designs in the region and the world.

Photo by QSSupplies.co.uk.


Photo by QSSupplies.co.uk.
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