Quintin Pastrana Answers Five Questions to Five Shots

Watch as the Library Renewal Partnership founder answers five questions while taking five shots.


00:00 How many, sorry
00:02 How many drinks am I expected to consume?
00:11 Hi, my name is Quintin Pastrana
00:13 I run a renewable energy company in the Philippines
00:15 expanding to southeast Asia
00:17 We clocked off work, it's close to 6pm
00:19 We've got a roadtrip ahead tomorrow up north in the Philippines
00:22 We've got all the paperwork cleared
00:24 and I'm not driving so, yeah, it's about time to knock off a bit
00:28 Nordes is my go-to choice
00:32 It's a Galician gin
00:33 It smells of perfume but it's very, very potent,
00:36 robust, and beautiful drink
00:38 Let's start
00:41 It'll be a cheers for you and Esquire
00:44 and for allowing me to feature my favorite drink
00:52 Beyond my renewable energy role at WEnergy Power Philippines
00:55 my philanthropy is building libraries
00:56 I think it's important for us to have a national discourse
01:00 that's not intellectual per se, but really full of inquiry,
01:05 full of desire to find solutions that will bind us together
01:10 regardless of our political differences
01:12 and find a way to unite as a nation
01:14 The way to do that is through pure literacy,
01:17 literacy that allows you to teach each other,
01:20 find meaning together
01:21 and that's really how we solve problems
01:22 whether it be something personal or more importantly societal
01:27 Pain points do get solved with shared interests
01:29 and the way to do that has an inquiring mindset and reading does that for you
01:33 So, that's really why we're building libraries across the country
01:36 We have a thousand and one as on record
01:39 We really want to make sure there is a culture of discourse inquiry
01:43 and solutions building, and that happens with
01:48 the magical and transformative act of reading
01:50 Your respect for the other, your respect for the transcendent third
01:54 that brings you together to solve problems and it really, reading does that
01:58 Here's to good reading
02:12 Well, to be sarcastic I know who you voted for
02:15 But seriously speaking, at least, more seriously speaking
02:18 I think you might as well be dead
02:21 Even if it's the most mababaw thing like where to eat,
02:24 or how to hang out,
02:25 who to pick for your loved one
02:27 or who you stay as friends with
02:29 or work on projects or invest in projects with
02:32 those are important things to have
02:34 and if you don't have that progressive inquiring mindset
02:37 that openness then
02:40 you pretty much have a litmus test of who not to hang out with
02:43 or cut off from your social media pages,
02:45 which I've done quite happily
02:48 This time I'll be a little adventurous because I finished it,
02:50 I will have a bit of lambanog
03:05 At the end of the day, to know yourself well enough
03:07 you need to have fewer distractions
03:10 you need to have an electronic leash cut-off
03:12 and it's easier said than done
03:13 I'm the biggest violator of that principle
03:15 Having said that though, my flat which is right next door,
03:18 which is why it's so easy to drink as much as I can,
03:21 has no Wi-Fi, has no cable, has no TV
03:25 I will definitely mess my life up by having that
03:29 So, no distractions is the first thing that happens to quiet your mind
03:33 and then, the Japanese have this word called tsundoku
03:37 which is you know, acquiring more books than you can ever read
03:41 and if you're surrounded by that logic and get intimidated enough
03:43 to say maybe I should start reading again
03:46 So the combination of no distraction
03:49 and an entire panoply and universe of
03:53 knowledge in front of you
03:54 which is crafted by the most beautiful, brave, brilliant people
03:57 that it would be a shame to partake of that on nights you get home
04:01 That is a great formula for keeping still
04:06 and that's the long and short answer
04:13 Oh yeah, that's tough
04:15 That's one of those questions that you live to regret
04:20 To cheat a bit, the Lord of the Rings trilogy
04:23 is always something you come back to
04:25 So, I have this nice leather-bound book set
04:27 with the illustrations and if they're all nicely wrapped as one book
04:30 They’re all in separate components, including The Hobbit
04:33 That's the beauty of a wonderful book or a piece of literature
04:36 you're the one changing, you're the one getting more of it,
04:40 and it stays constant for you
04:41 and, for me, that's yes, J. R. R. Tolkien
04:43 and I'm sure five years from now I'm happily alive and all that
04:47 I would draw more from The Fellowship of the Ring,
04:50 and The Two Towers, and The Return of the King
04:52 or even there and back again
04:54 as I grow older or regress, depending what happens.
04:58 Well, this is the last one hopefully
05:03 I think it would've taken me twice as long
05:06 but because I had to add this traydor thing called Barik,
05:12 I think I sped up the process
05:14 So bad idea but anyway, I'll be fine
05:17 I'm not driving today
05:23 I think if you study and live in the U.K. for a bit, you kind of take in
05:26 a few things without being pretentious, I'm hoping
05:29 Chuffed, actually, there's no other word like it
05:32 It's pleased on steroids
05:34 that's what it is for me
05:36 I write poetry so the few syllables there are, the more powerful the word
05:40 Chuffed, beggar’s description, of how good a day you've had,
05:43 no matter how bad it was and at the end of it you turn it around,
05:47 you jiu-jitsu the bad day into a good day,
05:49 you're sharing it with loved ones,
05:51 and at the end of the day you're pleased.
05:52 All that entire smorgasbord of words
05:55 actually falls in this nice rubric called chuffed
05:59 There is one, by the way, one left
06:01 I'll be probably chilling this gin lambanog combination soon
06:08 This is the best of both worlds:
06:09 a European provenance plus
06:13 our Filipino roots—not a bad combo

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