9 Non-Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for the People Who Make Your Life Easier


With Valentine's Day inching closer, we’ll help tick boxes on your gift lists so you can consider your shopping duties done in no time. Check out our gift guide for items that you can give to people whose job it is to make your home feel more comfortable and secure – these include security guards, utility personnel, help, and administrative assistants. These items can easily be purchased from local grocery stores, retail outlets, and online shopping sites at affordable price tags (we’re working on a P500 budget per head), which will enable you to give presents to even more people who’ve taken care of you and your families year in and year out.  

1| Toiletries  

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Opt to restock their bath and body products, so they always have sufficient tooth paste, soap, and shampoo, to last at least a quarter. Place these in sustainable bags so they can repurpose the packaging into more use at a later time. 


2| Towels

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Some of our neighborhood friends spend a lot of time exposed to hot and humid Manila, along with bouts of pollution and dirt, so a fresh batch of towels (a mix of hand, face, and body, if you can) is always a gift that can be utilized regardless of gender or occupation. Local clothing stores in the Metro are known to showcase towel bundles at any given season, with some tossing in a bottle of cologne or some hand sanitizer for the complete, squeaky clean experience. 

3| Water Bottles

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Keeping hydrated throughout the day is crucial to get going, especially if one grinds from nine to five. There are high density plastic bottles available at leading supermarkets, and are offered in a range of sizes and colors to suit different fancies. If you buy in bulk, you can get insulated bottle types under P500, and you can have these customized too for a personal touch. 

4| Gift Certificates

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Generic gift certificates also make a great gift for the holidays because they give recipients the flexibility to purchase items based on specific needs. These certificates, which are as good as cash, are honored at a number of merchants nationwide and some may even be used several times before the nominated value is fully consumed. If you are adept with technology, there are gift certificates available online, offered in denominations as low as P10, that you can send directly to the recipient’s mobile number or email address. 


5| Prepaid Load 

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Sponsoring our friends’ mobile expenses is a welcome gift since prepaid cards allow them to keep in touch with loved ones.

6| Coffee 

As with any working individual, coffee remains an essential tool to stay up and keep alert throughout the day. The perennial 3-in-1 sachets are great to give in bulk, but, if you’re considering options that are a bit more premium, you may choose to sponsor a bag or two of locally sourced coffee produced with a cause. We’ve identified eight brands for you to check out

7| Medicine 

This is the type of gift that is useful, but hope you won’t always need. It doesn’t hurt though to have a freshly replenished medicine box for any ailments or other sicknesses that may be picked up over any season (especially now). Safe bets include medicine for body pain, headaches, cough, colds, upset stomachs, and allergies. 


8| Snack Spread

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Party trays or bulk orders of our favorite fast food snacks are surefire gifts that will be well-received and appreciated. This particular gift will allow far more people to enjoy a piece of your generosity, whether in the form of a bilao of pancit or spaghetti, rolls of lumpiang shanghai, or a platter of barbecued meats. Seal the deal with bottles of good old soda, and rest easy knowing that your gift is an instant party on its own. 

9| Rice

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Some companies provide rice or food allowances for their employees, which they of course extend to their respective families. In the case of our helpers, not everyone is given a chance to avail this perk, so small packs or sacks of rice will be a most welcome addition to their dinner tables regardless of the occasion. 

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