Everything You Need to Know About Every Avatar Movie Coming Out in the Future

Avatar 3 will arrive sooner than you think.

Avatar: The Way of Water blew us away, and the best part of the film is that we won’t have to wait more than a decade for its sequel. Avatar 3 will arrive in cinemas sooner than you think, to the relief of fans everywhere. Here’s everything we know about James Cameron’s Avatar franchise.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Photo by 20th Century Studios.

Avatar 3

Estimated release date: December 20, 2024

Avatar 3 will pick up where Avatar 2 left off. Avatar 2 and 3 were filmed simultaneously, meaning that filming for Avatar 3 is done. The third installment is currently in its post-production phase, but its official title has yet to be confirmed.

Since Avatar 2 and 3 were filmed together, this means that the children will be the same age in Avatar 3 as they were in Avatar 2.

Avatar 3’s plot will likely follow the Sully family as they deal with their tragic losses, as well as their journey after winning the battle against RDA’s avatar recombinant. Quaritch was spared at the end of the film by his biological son, Spider, so he’ll likely return to cause more conflict in the third film.

Avatar producer Jon Landau revealed that each Avatar sequel will take the Sullys to new corners of Pandora. We’ve been to Pandora’s forests, skies, and oceans, and we could potentially see the planet’s desert and arctic ecosystems next.

All the cast and crew will return, and James Cameron will produce and direct the third film.

Photo by 20th Century Studios.

Avatar 4

Estimated release date: December 18, 2026

Avatar 4 is currently in production, although a chunk of it was already filmed during the Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 shoots. According to James Cameron, he needed to shoot the kids before they grew up, which implies that Avatar 4 might include flashbacks or prologues.


Avatar 4 rumored title is Avatar: The Tulkun Rider, which hints at the return of important characters and creatures from The Way of Water.

We do know one thing about the plot. Apparently, it’s so bonkers that the studio executives sent their feedback to James Cameron in a two-word email saying, “Holy fuck.”

The whole cast and crew are expected to return, along with new additions. Michelle Yeoh, David Thewlis, and Oona Chaplin have joined the film in undisclosed roles. James Cameron will produce and direct the fourth film.

Avatar 5

Estimated release date: December 22, 2028

If Avatar: The Way of Water performs well, we might just see a fifth film in the Avatar franchise. Before he even began filming The Way of Water, James Cameron wrote the scripts for all five Avatar films. The future of Avatar is mapped out until the fifth film, but its production will depend on how good Avatar 2 performs at the box office.

The fifth movie is still in its pre-production phase, but if Avatar 5 does push through, we’ll get to see Neytiri visit Earth, according to producer Jon Landau.

James Cameron has written the script for Avatar 5, but is yet to be confirmed as its director.

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