What The Hell Is Going On With Archie (KJ Apa) On TikTok?

IMAGE TikTok/@fifiisqueen

Guys, TikTok is not good for you. If you aren’t convinced by the Chinese app’s questionable activities (spying!) and its reported banning in countries, direct your attention to KJ Apa, the New Zealand actor who plays Archie in the weird teen show, Riverdale.

Apa—or someone posing as Apa—just joined TikTok and the results, as seen in the four videos on the account, are very interesting. You can watch his chaotic energy in its full glory here.

But for those who have a lot of secrets and don’t want to go near TikTok right now, several Twitter users have rounded up the clips for your perusal, too. This way:

Just a sunny day with my quarantine beard and very gangly limbs.

‘Stunnin’’ by Curtis Waters is his favorite song right now.

The commitment is commendable.

So what is going on? A few theories:

1| Quarantine is messing us up. Prolonged isolation has got everyone in their feelings. We’re crazier, happier, lonelier, sadder, hungrier, more paranoid—just more everything. Apa on TikTok may be the fullest expression of all that.

2| Apa is 23 years old, which makes him an old Gen Zer. There might be a disconnect about what he thinks works on TikTok and what the platform’s core audience—babies—are actually doing. We’re not sure if viral TikToks involve a lot of thrashing around.

3| This might not be him? Our Google sleuthing brings up another TikTok account, @kjapa.official, which says on its page that it’s the actor’s official account. There is soberer content on this one: Apa eating a hotdog. Apa staring dreamily into the camera. More mugging, less flailing.


Meanwhile, the newer account is by @fifiisqueen and tagged as user5087822279194. If the point of the popular platform is to accrue clout—the most views and likes—why did the famous actor not use his famous name on TikTok?

4| But wait: This person can still be Archie because our most reliable source, our eyes, say that the guy doing the weird dance is Apa. Right? Also, @fifiisqueen has 371K followers while @kjapa.official has only 12K followers.

So what is going on? Should we take TikTok away from him, as concerned fans suggest? Should we just delete the app? And who is Fifi? What say you, Apa?

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