Marvel's Chris Hemsworth Nearly Missed Out On Playing Thor


It's hard to imagine anyone other than Chris Hemsworth being able to lift Thor'shammer, but the actor has described how he almost missed out on the role.

Chris has previously stated that younger brother Liam Hemsworth almost beat him to the role, but he also could have lost out if he'd been cast in two other major movies.

In an interview with Variety, Chris revealed he was almost cast in GI Joe (a role which eventually went to Channing Tatum) and as Gambit in the Wolverine X-Men Origins movie instead of Taylor Kitsch.

“At the time I was upset,” Chris said. “I was running out of money. But if I played either of those characters, I wouldn’t have been able to play Thor.”

Chris also admitted that despite beating hundreds of other actors for the role of Thor, he still doubted that he was worthy.


“I’ve never been able to sit back and be in the moment,” Chris said, adding that, while filming the first movie, he was thinking: "Am I going to get recast?

"Are they even going to make a sequel? Is anyone going to turn up to see the film?’

Of course, Chris went on to have great success as Thor, leading three solo movies, as well as appearing in the Avengers.

And with the character's story arc in Endgame, it looks as if he could be off to explore the galaxies next. 

From: Digital Spy

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