Someone Tested the Tug-o-War Strategy from Squid Game to See If It Works

Spoilers ahead.

Squid Game’s tug-o-war match is one of the most emotional and stirring scenes from the series. It pitted a team composed of physically weaker players against a team of young, strong men. The weaker team managed to win and send their adversaries falling to their deaths because of a strategy they learned from Oh Il Nam, the oldest player in the games. 

The strategy was simple: Point your feet forward. Hold the rope near your body’s center. Pull the rope with your back lying low and your head facing the sky. Hold this position for as long as possible until the opponent tires, at which point, the whole team should start pulling in a rhythmic movement.  

One group of Korean YouTubers decided to put that strategy to the test. 

They were divided into two teams: Fake Men, which is the stronger team composed of soldiers from Korea’s special forces, and Money Game, the weaker team. Just like in the show, Money Game included two women and would be the team that would use the grandpa's strategy.

We soon learn that not everything we see on Netflix is true. 

Money Game failed to beat the Fake Men despite using the tug-o-war strategy. 

Maybe the real reason grandpa’s team won in the show was not because of a bullshit strategy, but because he was Squid Game’s showrunner. 

Yup, he probably fed his team a fake strategy, knowing that whatever happens, he would live to see the end of the game. 


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