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Did Tom Holland Spoil (Yet Again) Spider-Man 3

Keep Tom Holland away from his phone!

Tom Holland is notorious for accidentally spoiling Marvel movies. In fact, Marvel’s producers have gone to lengths to keep the excitable Holland in the dark so he wouldn’t accidentally reveal anything about the Avengers movies.


Tom Holland Saved Spider-Man While Drunk During Quiz Night

See The Banned Spider-Man Trailer From 2001

There’s even a YouTube video titled Tom Holland Spoiling Stuff for 4 Minutes Straight, which is a compilation of things he said that got him in trouble with Marvel.

The actor revealed in a deleted Instagram story, captioned with, “Ned just wanted to stop in to say hi,” that Spider-Man 3 is currently in production. 

Photo by Tom Holland.

Our boy once again jumped the gun on this one, because Marvel and Sony have yet to announce details about the movie or its stage in production. What we know is it’s slated for release in December 2021. 


Rumors About Spider-Man 3

Plans about Spider-Man 3 remain strictly under wraps, but fans are buzzing about the appearance of Benedict Cumberbatch in the sequel as Doctor Strange. Fans are speculating Doctor Strange will be a new mentor of Peter Parker in the story, considering Tony Stark is now dead in this timeline. 

We all know this because the sequel is largely based on the comics. But an unexpected appearance of Jamie Foxx, who could reprise his role as Electro, sent fans into overdrive. Back in October, it was leaked that Foxx was in talks with Sony and Marvel about reprising his role as the supervillain. 


Tom Holland Saved Spider-Man While Drunk During Quiz Night

See The Banned Spider-Man Trailer From 2001

Nothing is set in stone, and Marvel is mum about any details of the sequel, but fans have zeroed-in on the theory that Electro’s reappearance in Spider-Man 3 could also mean the arrival of the Sinister Six, Spidey’s greatest adversaries in the comic books. The Sinister Six is comprised of Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman, and Kraven the Hunter.

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