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Watch Atom Araullo Manhandle Fish In The First Trailer for His Upcoming Docu

Proving once again that he’s the sort of guy that your wife would leave you for.

Goddammit, Atom Araullo. You could’ve just settled into a desk job like the rest of us, and your good looks would’ve still been an edge over everyone else. But no, you had to be a goddamn documentarian who travels the country and goes on adventures for a living, making the rest of us look like fat, unaccomplished disappointments who can’t grow magnificent beards.

Abangan ang dokumentaryo ni @atom_araullo sa GMA Network na #PhilippineSeas ngayong Nobyembre na!

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And now that Philippine Seas is right around the corner, we can expect all our wives and girlfriends to talk nonstop about how cool it is that you’re out there, shining a light on the Philippines’ majestic marine resources and biodiversity. We won’t hear the end of how you left your previous network to sign with GMA, where you could work on projects like this. Diving, shooting beautiful ocean vistas, swimming with whale sharks—yeah, totally wouldn’t do that for a living if we could.


Thanks a lot, man.

Atom Araullo’s Philippine Seas is out on Sunday, November 5 on GMA Network.

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