Michael Pacquiao Is Now a Rapper

His debut single sucks, but...

Unlike his older brother Jimuel, Michael Pacquiao is social-media-shy. His Instagram posts are fewer than 150, and they come few and far in between. In these posts, his face appears only a handful of times. Most are random photos of trees, famous landmarks, and more trees. 

But the younger Pacquiao sibling surprised everyone when he dropped his debut single on the Wish Bus last night. It’s a rap song titled “Hate.”

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We don’t hate it. But we also don’t love it. 

Okay, we admit Pacquiao can rap and can perform great covers if he wants. But we fell asleep 30 seconds into the new single, which needs a little more spicing up to break the monotony. 

The lack of confidence and swag is evident throughout the performance. Don’t get us wrong. It was apparent that Pacquiao practiced this many times so he doesn’t mispronounce or miss a word. He didn’t even read the lyrics of the song.

But it’s easy to get hits and page views if your last name is Pacquiao, and we don’t want Michael to build his career on that alone. 

Also, he should have a rapper name. Here’s a couple of funny ones we generated using a rapper name generator app. You don't have to take these names seriously, Michael. 

  • Hotface Mikey
  • M.P. Teroristah
  • Mike Strike
  • Mikadonna
  • Mika Mika P. 
  • Cake Teroristah
  • EmPee
  • EmEyeKayEe
  • CooloPacquiao
  • Mikey-Pee
  • Professor Processor

Below is the video of Pacquiao dropping “Hate” for the first time. 


The performance was unremarkable, and we felt that this is not the true extent of the rapper’s talent, so we looked for other songs that might show us just how good this rapper is.

Pacquiao launched his music career in December 2019 when he opened a YouTube Channel where he uploads his work. 

“I am pursuing this Youtube career so that I can share my talent and inspire people all around the world,” wrote Pacquiao. 

There is one track though that impressed us. Listen to “I Don't Live by You” (featuring Michael Bars).

“He has a tongue that throws words as fast as his father’s jabs,” wrote one commenter. We totally agree. 

“How long can you breathe?” wrote another.

We wonder why he didn’t make this his debut single.

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