The Best Home Security Cameras of 2019

Put your mind at ease with one of these high-tech options

Does your brain fill with the same anxious questions every time you leave the house? Did I lock the door? Did I lock the car? Who was that strange man standing in my garden with a crowbar and a giant swag bag? Then you should invest in a home security system, stat.

It's never been cheaper or easier to protect your property, what with all the affordable camera options that can beam instant images to your phone no matter where you are and give you peace of mind. We’ve taken to the internet to find the best optionsboth for the price and the security they deliver. Check out our favorites below...

1| RING Video Doorbell

You don’t need big, fancy camera rigs to protect your home. Sometimes a doorbell will do, albeit one that records video in 1080p HD quality. This system gives you complete peace of mind over what happens at your front door, letting you see, hear and speak to any visitors (even at night, thanks to infrared vision). You don't even have to move a muscle, as it can be sent to either your smartphone or any Amazon Alexa-enabled device. Get notifications any time the doorbell is pressed, and get a crystal clear image of your guest. The package deal includes theft-protection, so if the doorbell is stolen, Amazon will replace it for free. It will cost you £229 right now (without expert installation), but you can save money and bundle the Ring Doorbell 2 with an Echo Dot on Amazon right now for £188.99, saving £40.

Amazon, £229

2| Blink XT Home Security Camera System

Anyone on a budget might want to go for the Blink XT system, which has all the bells and whistles you want from a home security system but without the big price tag. You can get one right now for £99.99, or five for £399.99. Be warned: these cameras go out of stock pretty quickly as they’re so popular, so make sure you grab one when you can. They’re fully packed up with great tech, like night-vision and motion sensors, and they’re all weatherproof, so you won't have to worry about them getting rain damaged. They're battery powered, but don't let that worry you, as the lithium AA batteries will last up to two years on a single charge. They’re wireless too, so you won't have to set up complicated power lines to get them working.

Amazon, £99.99

3| Victure 1080P FHD WiFi IP Camera Wireless Indoor Camera


But what about the security inside your property? There are dozens of options open to you if you want to have cameras in certain rooms, but we like the Victure camera. It has a motion sensor and two-way audio, so you can communicate through the camera with your smartphone if you need to. It looks a bit futuristic - a bit like a sassy robot from Star Wars - but it's way more useful than R2-D2. It can pan, tilt and zoom to get a clear picture of the room you put it in, and it records in HD so you will see everything. The best bit? It only costs £39.99, so you won't be a big hit on the your balance.

Amazon, £35.99

4| Arlo Wireless Home Security Camera

If all that fancy tech doesn’t interest you, and all you want is a security system that does its job, the Arlo wireless system is an excellent choice. It has motion-detection software, a special night vision mode and can film in 720p HD quality. Get notifications if the camera spots anything amiss in your home, and save all your footage to the Cloud that comes free with the system. Amazon currently has a sale on these security cameras, meaning you can save £110 when you buy the 2-camera kit. You can get up to four cameras to protect your property.

watch now

Amazon, £199

5| Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest’s outdoor security cameras can be paired up with any Amazon Alexa device – like an Amazon Echo, or an Echo Dot – to receive instructions through your voice. If your camera detects activity in your dwellings, you’ll be alerted with a phone notification or emailed with a warning, meaning you can check out the footage to see what happened. You can even talk through the camera via the Echo device or your phone app, speaking to visitors and warding off unwelcome guests. It’s fully weatherproof, and films in 1080p HD, so you’ll be able to get every detail on camera.

Amazon, £152

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