Dyson Patented Headphones That Double As Air Purifiers

It's very telling of the world we live in.

Not a day goes by that we don't read about the effects of climate change, including how it affects the air we breathe. The threat to air quality is something that Dyson is thinking about as it seems.

According to Bloomberg, the tech company has filed a patent for—wait for it—headphones that double as air purifiers. Wearable air purifiers are far from new, but this is the first time it will be integrated into headphones. Based on the document that was filed at the Intellectual Property Office, the head-wearable air purifier hopes to replace face masks.

Photo by DYSON.

"This head-worn purifier takes the form of a conventional head-set, and does not completely cover the user's mouth and nose," it said.

"By providing the air delivery outlet on the end of a conventional microphone arm, this head-worn purifier should be capable of providing more accurate delivery of purified air to the user's nose and/or mouth than a neck-worn purifier."


Think it'll happen?




Dyson's products are pretty futuristic as it is... bladeless fans, super-light cordless vacuums, and don't get us started on the hair styler. We have no doubt that its inventors could pull these headphones off. We just have a couple of questions, though. Just how quiet would the air-purifying component be?

Make no mistake, tech companies file numerous patents yearly. Since Dyson first filed this patent in 2018, it's safe to say it's been buried somewhere. Don't say goodbye to your wireless earphones yet. Still, it would be cool to flex your Dyson air-purifying headphones while walking down the street.

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