We Almost Died Laughing Playing These Games on Google Play

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Google Play is a library filled with the most unexpected gems. While perusing its contents for something to kill boredom or quash pandemic anxiety, we came across these four downright riotous games. It was a mistake downloading them because we couldn’t stop playing.

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The developers who made these games are totally unhinged. You have to be a little bit crazy yourself to enjoy the dark humor and slapstick comedy in these games. We won’t judge.

1| Goat Simulator (By Coffee Stain Publishing)

This absurd simulator was conceived without regard for reason or reality. You are an immortal goat who likes to run around neighborhoods and cause mayhem among people and animals. You affectionately lick people with your highly stretchy tongue. Unlike other games, it embraces glitches, resulting in hilarious consequences. Achievements allow you to unlock different kinds of goats, including one with a jetpack and a giraffe called Tall Jack.

2| Sausage Wars (By TabTale)

Fight your way through sentient hotdogs until your enemies are oozing ketchup. In this arcade game, you head-butt enemy sausages and push them into sharp tools, kitchen sinks, garden fire, or off the counter to their doom.


3| Hungry Shark Evolution (By Ubisoft Entertainment)

Attack unsuspecting beachgoers and fly through the air and eat pilots in the sky in this wacky and severely unrealistic arcade game. Hungry Shark mixes exploration and slapstick fun as you upgrade your reef shark to become a great white, a megalodon, Moby Dick, the Loch Ness Monster, and even the mythical Kraken. You can equip your sharks with various items such as the jetpack so you can take to the skies and eat airplanes.


4| Spaceplan (By DevolverDigital)

“Spaceplan is an experimental piece of interaction based partly on a total misunderstanding of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time,” reads the game’s description. Its life-affirming silly story revolves around your spacecraft orbiting a mysterious planet as it launches potato-based devices and probes to unlock the secrets of the galaxy.

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