The Headphones That Let You Hear Music The Way It Was Intended To Be Heard

Feel the music.

These days, we're spending less (nothing?) on music, but more on the kit to play it on.

In particular there's an increasing demand for sound quality. The majority of headphones work by converting digital music files into analogue sound. Audiophiles argue that this results in a loss in purity: that we're not hearing the music as it was recorded.

Enter Audio-Technica's clever new flagship headphones, the snappily-named ATH-DSR9BT, the first over-the-ear wireless model to deliver a 'true' digital signal. The company is hugely regarded for its studio equipment, especially back home in Japan, and these cans have already won 'best in show' at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in January.

It retails for about P32,000, availble at

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