We Just Got A Huge Hint To What The First Big PS5 Game Will Be

It's one of last year's biggest hits.

The semi-regular dribble of variably reliable info coming through about the PlayStation 5 might feel frustrating, but it does point to the fact that its official announcement is looming closer and closer.

And after all, the fact that we've all got used to having a semi-regular dribble of variably reliable info coming through about the PlayStation 5 is a better state to be in than having no dribble at all.

The latest spurt of info suggests that the first big exclusive game on the console could well be a reboot of last year's PS4 10 million-selling hit God of War. That's based on a job listing from game developers Santa Monica Studio, who made God of War.

One of the requirements of the 'senior combat designer' post is that the candidate must have "knowledge of God of War (2018) and be able to speak in depth about the combat system, mechanics, and enemies".

Now, what do you reckon you'd need that kind of knowledge for then? They're not putting together a University Challenge team here. It might be that the team at Santa Monica Studio communicate primarily through God of War memes and chat in the office kitchenette about the finer points of the Norse mythos the game's based on, and want to attract someone who's not going to need a primer on what Ragnarok is and all that. But it's quite unlikely.

Then again, last year's God of War took five years to put together, and given that the PS5 is supposedly going to turn up before the end of 2020 that might be quite a tight turnaround. But still - it'd be a very strong opening salvo for a new console.


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