This Infographic Visualizes 114 Years of Philippine Disasters

Because data is beautiful.

There’s something beautiful about sorting through years’ worth of data and presenting it in a way that isn't just useful and informative, but also visually pleasing. And that’s exactly what data science and engineering team Thinking Machines did with their interactive infographic titled 114 Years of Philippine Disasters, Visualized. It aims to highlight the importance of being prepared for major disasters, since they occur much more frequently than we think. And with two earthquakes shaking up the metro over the past week, it could be time to pack that grab-and-go bag. 

The infographic, posted in November 2016 (near the third anniversary of Typhoon Yolanda) covers storms, floods, landslides, earthquakes, epidemics, and volcanic eruptions from 1901 to 2015. Based on data from the International Disaster Database, the infographic includes natural disasters that have claimed at least ten lives; each disaster is represented as a circle whose size is commensurate to the number of lives lost. Hovering over each one shows you the number of persons affected, along with the cost of damage, in US dollars. 


Click here to view the interactive infographic. 

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