This Map of Philippine Heritage Sites Lets You Travel Without Leaving Your House

No time to go out of town? You can still check out some cool cultural sights using this map.

Even if you’ve run out of vacation leaves, you can still indulge your inner history geek by taking a look at Wikimedia Philippines’ Heritage Sites Map. It’s part of their Encyclopedia of Philippine Heritage Project, which aims to document important historical sites through photos and articles, then make them available to the public through Wikipedia.

As of today, the map includes 108 sites. To view them, you can zoom in to the destination of your choice, or look through the index in the sidebar. Once you click on a pin, the site’s Wikipedia article and designations will appear.


Because the website uses Open Street Map, you can zoom in to get the exact location of each site. It's pretty handy for when you’re planning a road trip, or just want to while away an afternoon by learning about our historical heritage. 

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