Study Shows We Filipinos Aren't as Healthy As We All Like to Think

In an ideal world, we'd all be true to our word. But, no, we're not living in one... not even close. Take for instance a new survey by insurance company Manulife Philippines where 63 percent of respondents said they prioritized their health.

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In the same study, however, 41 percent of respondents were physically inactive, 29 percent were overweight, 10 percent were obese, and 22 percent smoked tobacco. Now, weight isn't a tell-all factor when it comes to health but you can't be fully healthy by being immobile and engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

There's a disconnect between belief and behavior right there. Plus, the Philippines ranked fourth in the world when it comes to sleep deprivation, which isn't good either. The study was conducted from January to July 2020, so the quarantine was also put into consideration.

“These evolving times have opened our eyes to the importance of health and wellness, and importantly, made many Filipinos appreciate the value of insurance protection,” says Manulife Philippines senior vice president and chief marketing offer Melissa Henson.

She continues, “While Filipinos are universally aware of the importance of staying healthy, we saw that their behaviors are largely influenced by fears and worries, including concern for their family and feeling financially unprepared for illnesses. This study aims to shed light on how they can overcome those worries through financial and health protection.”

The good news is that three out of five participants formed health-related habits that they intend to keep such as working on physical health, keeping track of mental wellness, and more. So, maybe there is hope after all.

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