A Man On Train Got Spat On, And He Went Full Hulk


Most of us like to think of ourselves as peace-loving and non-confrontational, but what would you do if somebody spits on your face? 

Well if you’re this guy you’re not going to just let it go. A video posted in a New York, USA subway station shows a guy walk up to another guy just as the train doors close. It looks like the first guy spits on the other guy’s face before walking away. The guy in the train is enraged (who wouldn’t be?) and tries to open the doors.

Meanwhile, the first guy goes back for another round and this time, gets a good shot and spits on the other guy’s face again. Thinking the train is about to leave and he’s home free, he starts walking away.

But the other guy breaks the doors open and well…we’ll let you see for yourselves what happens next.

The video was first posted in August 2019, but with strict protocols in place because of the pandemic, it still seems chillingly relevant today.

Quick tip: next time you feel the urge to spit on someone, especially in this time of the coronavirus…don’t.

Man Spits on Hulk from r/PublicFreakout


You can also watch the video with sound on YouTube.

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