8 Local Airbnbs To Book in Cold-Weather Destinations


Everyone seems to have plans locked down for the holidays, whether it's spending it in their respective provinces with family (fun!) or flying out to enjoy the snowy days that the Philippines unfortunately lacks. It's not too late, however, to make plans for yourself and take a quick domestic trip. If you fear you're missing out by being stuck in the country, then fret not. We've taken the liberty of compiling Airbnb listings in destinations with lower temperatures than what we've become acclimated to in the city so you can cool down sans the snow.


Ztone House

Photo by AIRBNB.COM.

Location: Basco, Batanes

First glance: 3-bedroom stone house likened after traditional Ivatan dwellings

Details: Close to the Basco Airport, this charming cottage can house nine visitors. Outside, there’s a spacious garden where one can enjoy some fresh country air or take on activities with the children. In the evenings, you can gather around the fireplace and keep warm together. Breakfast and airport transfers are complimentary so those are two details that you no longer need to worry about. 


Price per night: P5,800

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Modern House at Camp John Hay

Photo by AIRBNB.COM.

Photo by AIRBNB.COM.

Location: Camp John Hay, Baguio City

First glance: A 6-bedroom modern duplex with wooden elements

Details: If you’re spending the holidays with extended family or friends situated within Camp John Hay is the ideal setting. Apart from the spacious living areas and bedrooms, guests may commune over a bonfire setting in the garden. It also offers its own sauna and Jacuzzi for added comfort. Other noteworthy amenities include parking for five cars and the owner allowing your pets to come stay with you.

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Price per night: P42,500

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Baguio Farm House

Photo by AIRBNB.COM.

Location: Bakakeng, Baguio City

First glance: A cozy 3-bedroom country house

Details: This farmhouse might not fit big parties, but it’s the perfect place to unwind over the holidays. It’s conveniently close enough to the city center without being too remote. The great thing about this property is all the outdoors spaces. A patio with an herb garden is linked to the house and it provides the perfect place to commune together with your family or friends.  

Price per night: P4,989

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Overlooking Forest Cabin

Photo by AIRBNB.COM.

Location: Tagaytay, Calabarzon

First glance: Literally a cabin in the woods

Details: This one-bedroom cabin listing says it can house six guests, but judging by the sleeping arrangements can only comfortably sleep four. It’s situated in an off-the-grid location with romantic interiors and a terrace and an outdoor patio that allows sweeping views of the neighboring mountains. Those seeking a quiet getaway can get it here.

Price per night: P3,150

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Modern Weekend House in Tagaytay

Photo by AIRBNB.COM.

Photo by AIRBNB.COM.

Location: Tagaytay, Calabarzon

First glance: A 3-story, 5-bedroom weekend house

Details: A contrast from the property above, this modern house is for those who want a taste of city life in the country. Situated in a private village, the surroundings are relatively silent. There’s a lanai for lounging and enjoying the mountainside breeze, along with another living area on the top floor. The entertainment room and kitchen are both well-equipped and to pass the time, guests can play pool in a separate room. The house is a great place to host a getaway with pals and rekindle the good old days.

Price per night: P20,000

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Sagada Holiday Home

Photo by AIRBNB.COM.

Location: Sagada, Cordillera Region

First glance: A modest two-bedroom home

Details: The house on this listing isn’t anything to boast about, but its location is what makes it special. It provides guests with sweeping views of hillsides and pine trees. This welcome respite is walking distance to a couple of cafes and the viewing deck of Sagada’s popular sunrise viewing point and the Sea of Clouds that hikers long to witness.

Price per night: P2,800

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Forest Staycation

Photo by AIRBNB.COM.

Location: Angono, Rizal

First glance: A one-bedroom chalet with a spacious backyard

Details: If you’re longing to escape with just your significant other, this private home is secluded enough for you to feel like it’s just you two. You can play house and prepare a meal with the brick oven or the outdoor grill, take a walk in the vast garden after, and in the evening, take a dip in the saltwater pool and lounge on the daybeds. As an addition, the host also offers you to book spa services during the day, so you can enjoy a massage without having to set foot outside the property.

Price per night: P5,000

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Bright and Spacious Apartment

Location: Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon

First glance: One-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city

Details: This simple offering is for a quick and spontaneous trip to Bukidnon, an offbeat destination in Northern Mindanao. It’s within close proximity to a neighborhood bar and supermarket, which can come in handy during your stay.

Price per night: P11,500

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