5 of Asia's Most Fascinating and Controversial Borders

From beautiful waterfalls to controversial sites of mass migration.
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Years ago, our forefathers gathered around a map and declared that these hand-drawn lines would be the borders that would define the world. Some lines cut across the land in a clean line, while others were drawn over bodies of water. Some followed the natural paths of rivers, while others were borne out of conflict and war.

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We’ve taken a look at the borders of countries in Asia to bring you the most fascinating borders in our half of the world.

1| Vietnam and China Border

The Ban Gioc-Detian Falls marks the border between China and Vietnam. Made up of two waterfalls on the Guichun River in China and Quy Xuân Hà in Vietnam, the waterfalls are about 170 miles north of the Vietnam capital of Hanoi.

2| Thailand, Laos, Myanmar Border

The Golden Triangle is a name that was given to the Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar border by American operatives during the U.S.A.’s wars against communism in Southeast Asia. The triangle is where the three countries meet as two rivers, the Ruak and Mekong rivers, creating a confluence.


3| North Korea and South Korea Border

The border is a strip of demilitarized land running from coast to coast on the Korean peninsula, separating the two countries that still have tense relations. There is only one point in the demilitarized zone where the two countries actually meet, a Joint Security Area where negotiations occur between the two governments.

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4| Russia and Mongolia Border

A large chunk of Russia is located in Asia, where it borders Mongolia. At one point of the 3,486-kilometers-wide border, also the highest point, Russia and Mongolia meet at the peak of the Munku-Sardyk, the highest mountain in the Sayan Mountains of Asia.

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5| Turkey and Greece Border

While it’s not as mesmerizing as a waterfall or adventurous as a mountain peak, the fenced Turkey-Greece border is still a sight to behold, considering just how far you can travel in an instant. At the border that separates two continents, you could go from Asia to Europe and vice versa thanks to just three checkpoints. The border is also the site of a migration crisis affecting both Turkey and Europe.

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