This Pink-Haired Tarot Card Reader on TikTok Will Tell You Your Fortune


Those who grew up in the ‘90s and 2000s will recall feng shui masters and astrologers read the fortune on TV talk shows and morning programs on day one of every year. It’s become a tradition for these predictions to shape people’s New Year’s hopes and prayers. 

Especially with the year we just had—which actually felt like a decade—we could all use something like that: a peek into 2022 and some guidance on how to navigate the challenges along the way. 

The pink-haired tarot reader and local eclectic witch, Aly Dimaculangan (@theblessedbhie)

Photo by Aly Dimaculangan.

Pink-haired tarot card reader

The stars have not totally forsaken us as this generation has a 22-year old taking over from the, er, more senior astrologers and fortune tellers. If you’re on TikTok, the pink-haired tarot card reader—a.k.a @theblessedbhie a.k.a Aly Dimaculangan—might have appeared at least once on your For You Page. She currently has close to 160,000 followers on the platform. 


If you think about it, tarot card reading is perfect for TikTok’s content algorithm, which feeds you fresh content with high match accuracy. It’s not a surprise how she got as many followers and accumulated almost eight million likes in so short a time. And both numbers are growing by the minute. 

As young as she is, Aly is already well-versed in astrological language, specifically tarot cards. Raised a Roman Catholic, with three priests in the family, she says she's always been drawn to spiritual practices as a kid. 

“Tarot was a very foreign but intriguing concept to me,” she tells Esquire Philippines in a virtual interview. Aly started to familiarize herself with the practice just before going to college. Her journey started by observing other people read and later on trying to read for herself.

“When I was going through a low period of my life, that’s when I started it,” she shares. She was referring to a rough year when she had to go through waves of personal problems, followed by the Taal  Volcano eruption in 2020. “Those were anxiety-inducing times and I had to find some sort of solace. But more so, I used the cards as a guide to cope during that time.”

The day the volcano erupted was the tipping point for her, and coincidentally, the day the cards arrived at her lola’s house. “I openly started reading," she says. "I got a deck of my own and started reading for myself, then I offered my reading to my friends." Before joining TikTok as the pink-haired tarot reader, her friends used to call her Madam Auring.

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But her interest and predilection for astrology runs deeper. Destiny likes to play with all of us, seers included. As it turns out, her affinity for tarot reading spans three generations of her family.

“Throughout my journey, I found out that I am a third-generation card reader. I guess that propelled a lot of energy and helped me get into it." It started with her lola, followed by a tita. It was a surprise to Aly that both women were actually tarot card readers, too. “My lola never mentioned it, but my mom did. She didn’t want it to be a big deal, but to me it was.”

Aly Dimaculangan started tarot readings about two years ago and now has nearly 160,000 followers and eight million likes on TikTok

Photo by Aly Dimaculangan.

This kind of connection explains why tarot reading is more than just a hobby for Aly, who is also a communication research student at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. “I had been interested in baking, writing music, and watching films. I did a lot of things, but nothing really compared to tarot and my spiritual practice. It’s something that I incorporate into my daily life.” 


Now Aly calls herself an “eclectic witch” who lists tarot divination and astrology as her crafts in her bio.

We couldn’t resist asking Aly about the year ahead. Even through Zoom, there was a noticeable shift in her aura as she pulled out her cards.

2022 is a year of choice

Aly reads: abundance, love, and family and friends for 2022

Photo by Aly Dimaculangan.


“This is very good; powerful,” says the tarot card reader upon drawing the Nine of Pentacles and King of Cups. According to her, these cards represent abundance and mastery over the realms of emotions, respectively. 

“There’s going to be a surge of finding your own balance,” she says. “Many people will reclaim their strength, balance, and abundance after going through a lot. At the same time, this year, we’ll learn to take control over our emotions and learn to handle difficult situations easier and with more understanding and acceptance.”


The Fool (Reverse) and The Four of Swords then come into play, confirming two things to Aly: one, recovery from what happened in the past, but also not getting too relaxed just yet.

She explains that, altogether, the cards tell us that while there’s abundance, there may not be rest. “Progression requires action,” she cautions.

Finding your balance

The year 2022 will open a dreamlike state for many, Aly says, especially those who have been feeling stagnant. “The more that you follow your gut, the more it will lead you to abundance.

“There will be good progress and trajectory in terms of abundance,” she adds. But she cautions that focusing too much on success and mundane things might lead to you neglecting your personal needs.

“Opportunities may be great, but too much of anything is essentially bad,” she says. Going back to the initial reading, this may be where you will need to make a choice and find your balance.

The Sun rises for love 

The same cards give the impression that love didn’t work out for many people this past year. And for those who have gone through heartbreak, 2022 will be about purging the emotions of the past to welcome “better” love.

“The more they focus on healing, the more they understand that they are deserving of unconditional and healthy love,” Aly says.

The Sun rose from the deck and managed to bring out excitement from Aly. The card that represents the joy that one has been seeking for a long time could be about their relationship with other people or themselves.


Being the last card drawn for the topic of love, Aly explains that The Sun could also represent light at the end of the tunnel, telling you that everything you’ve been through is going to be worth it. The new year will finally lead us to being content and finding joy, which has been sorely lacking these recent years. 

Aly does tarot divination and astrology 

Photo by Aly Dimaculangan.

The fault in our stars (friends and family)

“It’s not going to be a perfect year for platonic and family relationships,” Aly says. But it shows promise in terms of reflection and reunion. 

“Political and personal issues and differences may come in between friends and families, which will lead to disappointment and frustration,” she says. Clearly this references the ongoing divide related to the upcoming elections, among other social, economic, and political issues.

The important guidance from Aly here is “to acknowledge that some things need fixing and to allow time to mend the damage for emotional fulfillment to follow.”


Take only what resonates

Being a Gen Z tarot card reader, Aly says her readings are always a safe space for her clients. When seeking guidance through spiritual practices, her advice is to always follow what you feel more than what you hear. While the 2022 readings above are meant for the collective (or general population), it may feel very specific to certain people.

“Every journey is personal and it varies from one person to another,” she says. “You may take only what you feel resonates deeply, and you may take nothing at all. After all, all readings only serve as a guide and we go about our individual journeys in different ways.”

For beginners or non-believers, the pink-haired tarot card reader says the only way to understand readings is to experience it first-hand. Check out her profile and her rates on Collective PH. You can also follow her on Instagram @illuminaly and, of course, on TikTok @theblessedbhie

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