"The power of a song is phenomenal, and it is a total privilege to be part of that." —Kylie Minogue

The singer shares her wit, wisdom and life lessons
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I started young and with no experience in the music industry, but I was very famous. So that was a bit strange.

I remember being on set for the 'Can’t Get You out of My Head' video and looking at the monitor and we just went [whispers] “God, it’s really good”. To get everything to work in harmony to become something greater than its partsthat takes luck.

My mum revealed that she was doing transcendental meditation when I was born. I thought, well: it was 1968, it kinda makes sense.

When I got the part in Neighbours there was one phone in the house, I got the call that I got the part and there was no one at home. I think I celebrated with the dog.

I went to Prince's studio in Minneapolis, we hung out and went driving in his car. I remember standing at his keyboard pressing keys and one of his famous samples would come out, like "Owww". We wrote a song together called 'Baby Doll' and the chorus went “Let me be your baby doll, sugar and spice and all thinks nice / let me be your paradise". I hope I find that cassette one day.

He was suitably normal and weird enough. If he was perfectly normal, that would have been weird.

I’ve not be raised with religion. My faith is in humanity, and people and believing in a higher realm.

I was in Santiago last year and this guy says “I just gotta tell you your song is the first song I ever learnt”. I said, "did you learn it on guitar?" He said “no, it is the first song I learned.” "Oh, the first song you learnt all the words to? He said “Yeah, it was 'Locomotion'.” I love hearing these stories.


I can’t make myself younger, I can’t make myself older, this is just who I am in this moment.

I look like my mum. I am my mum. I get the movement from my mum, she was a dancer. I don’t get singing from my mum, she can’t hold a note.

The first time I met Nick Cave was the day we recorded 'Where the Wild Roses Grow' and because I didn’t know much about him I speed read his biography. Reading about his shenanigans I thought, "what have I got myself into?!"

I don’t know where the clown side of me came from. A friend calls me an amusement park. He’s like “uh-oh, it’s open, every rides open, here we go, she’s off”, but when the park is closed, there’s nothing.

With my last album [Kiss Me Once, 2014], I didn’t know where I fitted anymore. I knew I wasn't young but I also wasn't old. However, I did know that I had experience you can’t buy.

I would love to do a Vegas Residency. The idea’s been floated, I don’t know how far they got with it. It’s something that is always on the cards. The irony is I’ve already done a Vegas show and taken it on the road, which was Aphrodite: Les Follies.

My dad’s quite straight. He’s an accountant. He was in the sight core of the army. If my dad tells a story he’s very good at acting it out.

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I think I’ll be asked less of the age-related questions with the tone I was asked a few years ago because of everything that’s happening at the moment, which is a good thing. I know they’re asking questions because of sexism and ageism, as I’m a woman in this industry but the more you’re talking to me about it the more your perpetuating it. I’m bored of the question.

The power of a song is phenomenal, and it is a total privilege to be part of that.

On the Fever Tour, I come up on a riser in a cyborg suit at the start, and there’s a bloke who has to press the button to release the thigh panels, the chest panels and the face reveal. One night nothing happened and I was trapped. I was thinking this would be so Spinal Tap if they just take me back down again. They had a back-up plan; a dancer came over, in character, and lifted things and I got the microphone. People were none the wiser.

I’m sure that my business acumen came from my dad. When we were bought up T’s were crossed I’s are dotted.

My most personal song? I remember writing 'Too Far for Impossible Princess' [1997]. I did it in 10mins down the caff, cos I had to get out of my house. It was the beginning of the end of a relationship and I had to get the words out.


The advice I’d give my younger self is trust your instincts more. There were times when I didn’t really have a backup for a thought that’s in my head, and would think you’re the grown-ups, you know what you’re doing. Whereas now I know I would just say it, that’s just part of life’s journey I suppose.

Grease. My brother (Brendan), sister (Dannii) and I would re-create the routines in the lounge as kids. I wanted to be Olivia Newton John, obviously. My sister played Rizzo in an arena tour of Grease years later and that says it all about the two of us. I’m the blond one and she’s the tough dark one. Although those roles do change, that’s the surface. Sometimes I’m the Rizzo to her Sandy.

I’d like to be remembered for being a good daughter and sister, and a friend and all those things you aspire to be.

Kylie Minogue's album Golden is out now. 

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