Google Searches for 'Buy Stocks' Spike by 466% Around The World


Stock markets around the world have plunged amid the COVID-19 pandemic as a direct result of investors pulling out by the millions to avoid losses amid the crisis. But as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that saying applies even to stocks.

Google searches for “buy stocks” have spiked by at least 466 percent, indicating that many investors are realizing that the crisis could also be an opportunity. There’s no doubt that there will be crippling economic fallout when COVID-19 finishes its attacks on the market, but in terms of long-term effects, financial analysts are sure that the market will eventually bounce back. It just might take a while.

Based on data acquired by LearnBonds from Google, searches for “buy stocks” peaked in the second week of March, when it rose from 663 percent to 806 percent. Overall, searches from March 31, 2019, to March 27, 2020, increased by 466 percent.

“Generally, most stocks have seen their worst falls in history,” said LearnBonds. “The searches could mean that investors are aiming to take advantage of rock-bottom prices by buying certain stocks and seek to profit from it in the future.”

Investors from the world’s leading economies are at the forefront of these searches, with the U.S. and Singapore lead with the most interest in buying stocks, followed by Canada, the United Emirates, and Australia.

For those looking to invest now, LearnBonds suggests looking at the impact the coronavirus will have on the company, and whether this impact will last for a while. It also notes that some stocks have great potential to bounce back, such as healthcare, technology, and consumer goods stocks. Meanwhile, others might not be so lucky, such as stocks related to industrial goods, finances, and services.

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