An iPhone That's 40% Cheaper: What to Expect During the Big 12-12 Sale

A study also revealed what people are most likely to be buying during the last big online sale of the year.

We already know that ecommerce has seen a huge surge this year, thanks to people spending more time indoors due to the pandemic. An iPrice and SimilarWeb study in October said that the Philippines experienced the highest increase in the use of shopping apps (53 percent) in Southeast Asia. A total of 4.9 billion sessions in shopping apps were recorded during the study period. 

But what are people buying, especially now when we’re just a few weeks away from Christmas?

A new study by the meta-search website revealed the items people are most likely to be buying during the 12-12 (December 12) sale this Saturday based on what they’re searching for on Google.

Buying clothes again

While people across Southeast Asia cut back on buying fashion and apparel items during the first half of 2020, clothes are now one of the top searches lately. According to iPrice, this can be attributed to the fact that people are starting to venture outside their homes as government restrictions are eased. While people had no need to “dress to impress” during the lockdown, the data suggest that they are now more likely to shop for new clothes as they go back out into the world.

Photo by iPrice.

Also making it into the top 10 items with the most Google impressions on iPrice’s platform are practical products like home appliances—refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, etc—beds, and formula milk. 

Bicycle sales were up during the pandemic, but going for a bike ride isn’t the only thing that’s become popular. More people seem to be into painting, playing the Nintendo Switch (or perhaps planning to give it out as gifts), and outdoor gardening, as searches for paint supplies, the gaming console, and gardening supplies broke into the top searches ahead of the big 12-12 sale. 

Another trend that iPrice has recorded is how electronic items have become more sought-after this in the Philippines, judging by how electronics ecommerce sites’ web traffic increased by 59 percent during the first half of 2020 compared to the same period last year. This is supported by the fact that laptops and smartphones are also in people’s minds the most this year.

Price drops on smartphones

And if you’re in the market for a brand new smartphone but are still keen on saving as much money as you can, consider adding the following popular models to your online shopping cart. iPrice crunched the numbers and predicted how much each model’s suggested retail price is expected to drop during 12-12. The company said it arrived at the prices by comparing the average prices of these phones from a period before the last big sale on 11-11 and during 11-11. 

1| iPhone SE

Predicted Price Drop: 40 percent

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The affordable iPhone might drop to an eye-popping P7,400 from an average price of P12,400, a difference of 40 percent. If you’ve ever wanted to switch or upgrade to Apple, now might be your best chance to go for it.

2| Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Predicted Price Drop: 35 percent

During 11-11, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was priced at around P24,500, 35 percent lower than its average price of P37,600. iPrice says it’s possible we might see it drop to around the same price during 12-12.

Photo by iPrice.

3| Vivo X5 Pro

Predicted Price Drop: 12 percent

The price of the more affordable Android alternative may drop to as low as 12 percent during the 12-12 sale, as its average price decreased from P20,700 to P18,300 during the 11-11.

4| Oppo Reno 2

Predicted Price Drop: 9 percent

From an average price of about P18,300, expect the Oppo Reno to drop nine percent to P16,600 during 12-12. That might seem low, but if you really want this phone, a discount is still a discount.

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