$1.6 Million Per Post? These Are the World's Most Expensive Instagram Accounts


Planning to be a high-paid influencer? Well, it looks like you’ll have to come up with more than a pleasing feed. The U.K.-based analytics tool Hopper HQ recently released its “Instagram Richlist” for 2021, unveiling the most expensive celebrities with the highest price tags per sponsored post.

Unsurprisingly, the highest paid “influencers” attribute most of their star power to their careers off of social media. Based on the Richlist, Cristiano Ronaldo is surprisingly the most expensive Instagrammer in the world. The international football star books $1.6 million per sponsored post in exchange for exposure to CR7’s 310 million followers. A steep price for one simple post, but we already know how powerful his influence is off social media. Just the other week, the stock prices of Coca Cola dropped when Ronaldo requested water instead of coke during a press conference.

Coming second to CR7 is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who earns $1.52 million per sponsored post. Only after these two sports and action stars does the first pop star make an appearance. Ariana Grande comes in at third with $1.51 million per post. Other obscenely expensive Instagram accounts are: Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Beyonce.

Celebrities, actors, musicians, and athletes make up the first top 43 earners on the list. The first self-proclaimed “influencer,” Eleanora Pons, makes an appearance by number 44, earning only $180,000 compared to the higher earner celebrities topping the list.

Here are the top 10 most expensive Instagrammers and how much they cost per sponsored post:

1| Cristiano Ronaldo - $1.60 million


2| Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - $1.52 million


3| Ariana Grande - $1.51 million


4| Kylie Jenner - $1.49 million


5| Selena Gomez - $1.46 million


6| Kim Kardashian - $1.41 million


7| Lionel Messi - $1.17 million


8| Beyonce - $1.15 million


9| Justin Bieber - $1.1 million


10| Kendall Jenner - $1.05 million




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