Online Petition for ABS-CBN Gains One Million Signatures Overnight

It was launched by employees of the network.

On May 22, ABS-CBN’s employees launched an online petition calling on the House of Representatives to immediately tackle the pending bills seeking to renew the franchise of the network.

The petition garnered one million signatures in less than 24 hours, according to Kane Choa, head of ABS-CBN’s corporate communications.

“Our employees launched an online petition yesterday for Congress to start tackling the bills on franchise renewal. It has reached one million signatures overnight,” said Choa.

On the page, an open letter to Congress is attached to the online petition, which has 1,023,052 signatures as of this writing.

Below is the letter of the employees addressed to the legislators.

To the members of the House of Representatives,

We, the employees of ABS-CBN, call for the immediate discussion and passing of the renewal of the ABS-CBN Franchise.

We are among the thousands who are worried and will be affected if ABS-CBN shuts down. We all have families who depend on our work.


We want ABS-CBN to continue its operations, not only because it serves as our main source of livelihood, but because for most of us, the company’s happy working environment and the management’s fair practices have encouraged us to continue to be in the service of the Filipino.

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We believe that your compassion and care for us workers will prevail and that you will listen to our call for the good of all.


In a YouTube video, employees of ABS-CBN from across the nation are shown appealing to the government so they can keep their jobs. Among the employees shown are an anchorman, a media specialist, a messenger, a canteen staff, and more.

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