Find Out How Your Community Voted on COMELEC's Vote Tracker Website


The elections are over and the results are getting clearer and clearer. We have our new leaders for the next six years. 

While COMELEC is still in the process of finalizing the official vote tallies, the unofficial vote count says that the Philippines’ new president will be Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and the new vice president will be Sara Duterte. The “Uniteam” won the presidential and vice presidential races with over 31 million votes each, more than double the votes of their respective competitors. 

Now that we know who were voted into power, we can also find out just how our communities voted. COMELEC’s voting results transmission tracker is now live, and interested citizens can browse the website here.

The website logs the results of how every city and municipality voted, down to the precinct and barangay level, from the presidential candidates all the way to city and provincial councilors. The granular data lets you see the political alliances, leanings, and climate of your community. Which communities were dominated by BBM voters versus Leni voters? Which areas preferred Tito Sotto over Sara Duterte? Which cities opted for new candidates over re-electionists? 

You can find all that out in the site. Just go to Election Results (“ER Results”), and input your region, province, city, barangay, and clustered precinct ID. The clustered precinct ID was indicated at the top of your ballot sheet and on the barangay voter’s information sheets (if you received one). If you don’t remember your clustered precinct ID, you can find it by checking precincts indicated under each cluster. 


Once that’s done, you can view the data of your voting community, from the voter turnout to their preferred candidates for president, mayor, councilor, and more. 

Instead of relying on media outfits to release information, you can find it out for yourself as a curious voting citizen. 

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