A Filipino Helper in Singapore Mixed Toilet Water With Her Employer's Drink

She was jailed for four weeks.

A Filipino domestic worker in Singapore faced charges after she filled her employer’s drinking water with water from the toilet bowl. Gozar Rose Magtanong, 32, was jailed for four weeks on September 27 after she pleaded guilty to committing mischief and using her employer’s facial creams. 

Kevin Liew, who is Magtanong’s lawyer, told the court how Gozar was driven by her employers to the offense: She was made to sleep short hours, had her phone confiscated, and was not paid in a timely manner, according to a report. She was also allegedly mistreated by her employers, and was scolded for eating eggs. 

“She was reprimanded for eating eggs in the residence. She weighed nearly 40 kilograms when employed there. When she made mistakes, she would be scolded (for) being stupid,” Liew told  Today

How Magtanong was Caught

In June 2020, Magtanong’s employer noticed how her facial creams have been depleting faster than usual. She also noticed how there were fingerprints on the cream. That’s when she decided to install CCTV at home. 

In the CCTV footage, Magtanong was seen using her employer’s facial creams at least 28 times, according to Today. The creams were valued at P30,000. Footage also recorded Magtanong allegedly spitting into the family’s water dispenser. 

Magtanong also confessed to other mischiefs, such as wiping the toilet bowl with a rug and then wringing that rug into the family’s water dispenser.

Magtanong was a former retail assistant in the Philippines. She informed her employment agency that she wanted to run away from her employer, but the need to provide for her three children in the Philippines convinced her to stay, her lawyer said. 

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