Harry Roque Says U.P. 'Ignored' His Accomplishments

Roque was reacting to U.P.'s opposition to his bid for a seat in the International Law Commission.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque reacted to the University of the Philippines' statement of opposition to his bid for a seat in the International Law Commission, saying the premier state university disregarded his past accomplishments. 

It is unfortunate that some members of the UP academe would conveniently ignore and erase over thirty years of hard work and concrete accomplishments simply because our politics do not align,” said Roque in a statement. 

On September 13, U.P.'s leaders denounced Roque's nomination for a seat in the International Law Commission, saying it will diminish the reputation of the body

Atty. Roque has a very poor track record of promoting, defending, and fulfilling human rights and the rule of law, especially during the administration of President Rodrigo R. Duterte in which he serves as a cabinet member. 

"Therefore, his inclusion in the Commission would not serve its purposes but instead diminish the reputation of the body,” U.P. wrote. 

Nevertheless, Roque says he respects the institution's opinion. 

“I respect the right of the Committee and its members to proffer their opinion on my candidacy and I understand that my actions, especially in accepting a cabinet post as spokesperson to the President will not please everyone,” said Roque.

Roque is in New York campaigning for a seat in the prestigious body. He was nominated by the Philippine government for the post. 

Roque is a former professor at the University of the Philippines. He taught Public International Law at the university for 15 years. He has also made a mark in defending human rights, citing his work on the Ampatuan Massacre case, the Jennifer Laude case, and the Panatag Shoal fishermen case, among others. 


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