Let's Never Forget Mocha Uson's Public Service

A rundown of her greatest hits as a government official.
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Mocha Uson has stepped down from her post as Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office, and while it's naturally been a cause for celebration, naturally, but also a cause for alarm. 

As observers have pointed out, Uson's resignation allowed her a graceful exit from her post that she did not deserve. Second—and more alarming—her resignation has fueled speculations that she will run for a seat in Senate in 2019. At the Senate hearing in which she announced her resignation, Uson also said, "Handa akong lumaban bilang isang ordinaryong Pilipino, kasama ang walang boses sa lipunan. Dadalhin ko ang laban sa Senado at sa Kongreso."

Thankfully, the September 2018 Pulse Asia survey shows an overwhelming unwillingness from Filipino voters to throw their support behind Mocha. Of course, surveys have been wrong before.

So, while our friend Mocha's future may still be up in the air, one thing is certain: We won't forget all that she's done for the people while in her position.

Before she scored a seat in public office, Uson was something of a reverse-gadfly: One who bit at the exposed skin of society, but who did so on the side of the powers that be, instead of questioning it. But when she prefixed her name with Asec, things were different—her efforts were validated and her propaganda was given legitimacy, not to mention taxpayer pesos. It was a landmark in the history of fear that Mocha Uson could compromise the integrity of our nation.

And during her term as PCOO Asec, which lasted from May 2017 to October 2018, Uson fed that fear with misstep after misstep, each somehow more infuriating and worrisome than the last. And we were there for every step of her journey. Let's hold on to the memories.


Mocha Uson laughs at deaf people

Some of the good Asec's most recent controversies involved her cohort, Drew Olivar. And while Olivar has no trouble stirring up controversy for himself, she's been party to his antics too. A video of Olivar mocking deaf people recently surfaced, featuring Uson laughing in the background.

Mocha Uson turns federalism into a noontime variety show

One of the heaviest waves of criticism against Uson came last month, as the result of a segment on one of her Facebook live shows, in which Drew Olivar sings and dances to introduce a federalism game show. Thanks to this little episode, the term "pepe-dede-ralismo" became a part of the national conversation.

IMAGE: Facebook - Mocha Uson Blog Page

Mocha Uson insults the memory of Ninoy Aquino; dukes it out with Kris

How could we leave out the celebrity death match of our dreams? Think back to June 2018, when in the wake of President Rodrigo Duterte's viral South Korea kiss, Uson posted a video of the late Senator Ninoy Aquino receiving kisses from two women. This was the last straw for Aquino's daughter Kris, who lashed out at Uson in what would become a whole saga of its own.

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Mocha Uson implies the EDSA Revolution was a product of fake news

One of our favorites! Last February, as the country commemorated the 32nd anniversary of the People Power Revolution, Mocha Uson asked her followers if it was a product of fake news. We shouldn't have to remind anyone that it isn't—that it actually happened, and that it was fueled by real, valid indignation. But there we were, arguing with a government official about the facts of our history.

Mocha Uson misplaces Mount Mayon

Let's not forget the controversy that ushered in the New Year for Asec Uson. Last January—while you were still consistently living up to your fitness resolutions—Uson made the mistake of saying Mount Mayon is located in Naga, instead of Albay. Because she was a public official, people couldn't let this pass—everyone (even Nancy Binay and Enchong Dee!) leaned in, questioning, as ever, whether or not she was qualified for her post.

Mocha Uson attends a Senate hearing about fake news, invokes her "right against self-discrimination"

When you're a government official—and especially when you're Mocha Uson—people will notice even the smaller slip-ups. Last year, at a Senate hearing about fake news, Uson was questioned repeatedly by Senator Bam Aquino, about the content she publishes. Unwilling to meet his question head-on, Uson instead stammered her way out by saying "I have the right against self-discrimi...self-incrimination." Laughter ensued, but also dread at the fact that she's a government official.

Mocha Uson lives large, gets called out

Filipinos will never tire of calling out government officials for the laps of luxury that they take. Uson saw her share of this too, when photos of her eating at Cibo and using a Macbook surfaced online and garnered criticism. People were especially upset because Uson has always painted herself as a pro-poor political figure.


Mocha Uson's old tweets about rape resurface

Lastly, something from her past that caught up with her when she assumed office. Because she rose to fame for being a sex-positive blogger and entertainer, her previous life was much more...shall we say, risque. And as part of playing that risque persona, Uson tweeted a couple of things that just wouldn't fly anymore—things about raping men. Even if these tweets were part of a past she has left behind, people were perturbed by the fact that despite them, Uson was sitting pretty—as if immune to that level of controversy.

And now, here we are: Uson has stepped down, returning to her private life as a pro-administration blowhard. Her critics can no longer complain about how much taxpayer money the government is wasting on her (even if, by now, we've certainly wasted a lot). We won't be seeing her quite as often at official government functions, and when we do (because we probably still will), she'll be there as a gatecrasher or a guest, not as an Assistant Secretary.


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