Searches for 'Pink' Spike on Google

Over 10,000 searches were made by Filipinos for the word “pink.”

Just a few hours after Vice President Leni Robredo announced her plan to run for president, searches for the color pink trended  on Google. Pink is the campaign color of the Vice President. 

On October 7, pink was the third most searched topic in the Philippines after “Leni Robredo” and “Zodiac Killer.”

When the Vice President announced her plans to run for president, she was wearing a pink ribbon brooch. After her announcement, her supporters on social media began posting photos with pink themes. 

The region that has the highest search volume for pink is Metro Manila, followed by CALABARZON, and Robredo’s bailiwick, the Bicol region. 

Other related searches include “Leni Pink,” “Pink Ribbon Leni,” and “Leni Robredo Pink.” “On Thursday We Wear Pink” also trended on Google searches on October 7. 

What is the Filipino Word for Pink?

There is no direct translation of the word pink in Tagalog. However, its equivalent is kalimbahin, a species of guava that turns pinkish when ripe. Another variant of kalimbahin is kalumbahin

There is a Waray word for pink though. It is limbáon

A Hispanized variant of pink in Tagalog is also rosas, which means rose in English. But not all roses are pink, which adds to the ambiguity of its use. 

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