In Other News, Wild Boars Are Apparently Conquering Rome


Picture the perfect picnic in northern Rome. Let's say you planned a nice day at Vila Torlonia. You have your family with you, arancini rice balls and fresh buffalo mozzarella in hand. What could ruin this day, right?

How about a pack of wild boars?

In Rome, residents in various neighborhoods have started to take action against attacks by the wild animals. In one instance, a woman sustained minor injuries from an encounter with a local boar. The animal can actually be seen walking freely around parks and even in streets deep in the city.

Locals often find them either walking down roads or searching through bins for food. There are roughly 23,000 wild boars roaming in and around Rome, says the Italian farmers' association Coldiretti.

What's worse is that officials have detected African swine fever in a deceased animal found at the Insugherata nature reserve last week, although the disease has been found to be harmless to humans. Still, feeding the boars has been prohibited, and people who walk through farmland or reserves in affected areas have been advised to disinfect their feet and shoes.


The first case of the disease in the area was reported in January 2022. Several anti-boar "red zones" have been set up in Rome, specifically in the north and north-west regions, as well as areas near Vatican City.

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