7 Old School Styles That Are Making A Comeback

Can you still fit into your old clothes?
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Fashion is cyclical, so the adage goes, and these seven trends are here to prove it. The question now becomes are you stylish enough to repurpose your old favorites into the season's hottest pieces? Or better yet, can you fit into the clothes you bought in the past decade-and-a-half? 


1| Wide-Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants by Visvim

The most talked about trend of the year, the wide leg, is undeniably a ghost of decades past. While it may still be vying for relevance in society, no one can deny just how cool they were. In fact, “Eminem pants” comes out as a Google autofill suggestion. Figures. 


2| Rugby Shirts


Athleisure is a beast that has taken on many a form. A manifestation of which is the return of the rugger. But beware the oversize pony! That's just tacky. Actually, this whole thing is tricky. Will you let it reenter your life? 


3| Baseball Caps

Baseball cap by Calvin Klein

It isn't novel at this point, but the baseball cap refuses to give up its trendy status, despite having already earned the label “dad hat.” It's still a good way to shield your eyes from the sun's glare as long as you wear it right. 


4| Plaid

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Sport coat by Gucci

The checks have changed, but who knows if it's for the better? Gossip Girl and the late aughts saw a revival of plaid—especially in the pants department—as we see today. Take your pick among gingham, glen, and tartan. 


5| Fanny Packs

The fanny pack was once the tourist's piece de resistance. Now slung over the shoulder, it's a streetwear staple. Do not, however, attempt to use your too large messenger as a crossbody! Especially not on a bike. You are not Mike Ross


6| Tommy Hilfiger


If there is one brand that restored itself back to its former glory, it's Tommy Hilfiger. No one could get enough of it then, but it died a quiet death until Gigi wore it.  


7| Track Jackets and Pants

Track jacket by Burberry

Everyone figured we were headed in the direction of comfort after Burberry cosigned the track jacket with its shiny, luxe green number—but who ever foresaw the return of velour? Don't hate. Even Juicy Couture knows how to get with the times. And yes, Paris Hilton's photo is right up there with the definition of velour tracksuit. 

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