Black Sneakers Are Better Than White Sneakers. Yes? Yes

You don’t have to wiorry about black sneakers so why are you overly obsessed with the other one?
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We’re going to be brave here and make this controversial statement: Black sneakers are better than white sneakers. Yes. 

Now, before you send us very angry comments, consider this: You are losing your mind over white sneakers, but your favorite white sneakers are like whiny babies that you have to be very, very careful with and wipe every so often, or else they’ll end up looking like turds.

This is why, for every story about “The Best White Sneakers Ever Made in The Universe,” there is a corresponding story that goes “How to Clean Your Disgusting White Sneakers.” (An aside: We finally have an update about those mummified sneakers from Anonymous Sneaker Lover. It turns out you have to clean them first before wrapping them in tissue for the hack to work. Duh. “It turned out well,” ASL reports.)

Know that the crispiness of white sneakers—that pristine look that you value—starts to vanish once you remove them from the box and rapidly disintegrates as soon as you take the first step. If this was a relationship, white sneakers would be liars.

Should You Buy Black Sneakers?

Black sneakers, on the other hand, are solid, little buggers that hide your sins. Spilled grandma’s famous red-sauce pasta? Can’t see it. Grazed a mysterious sticky substance in the parking lot? Not there. Stepped on doo-doo. We’ll just ignore the smell.

There’s also the values attached to black sneakers. They look capable, mysterious, and dangerous—and all that is transferable to its capable, mysterious, and dangerous wearer, which is you. As well, black goes with almost everything. You don’t have to think much about what to wear with these. Just put them on and go.


Are you convinced? To further bolster our case about the superiority of black sneakers, here are a few handsome pairs that you should add to your rotation. 

Nike Air Force 1 ’07

Photo by Nike.

Start with something that looks undoubtedly immovable. The Air Force One ’07 is thick and juicy and also yummy as it is made with full-grain leather. Much like the original AF-1 from 1982 (the first basketball shoe with Nike Air), this is designed for hoops so you know it’s comfortable. The pair will work with joggers and maybe even suit.

Nike Air Max 90

Photo by Nike.
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You must resist the one with the white accents. Nope. Don’t even look. Forget that. Go for this black-on-black-on-black version. Now, if the AF-1 ’07 feels too precious or looks heavy, the Air Max 90, with its textile upper, has a lightness about it… which is appropriate since the model is based on running.

Nike Air Max 720

Photo by Nike.


Another one? Nike just makes really good black sneakers. Also, we can resist the boing-boing feeling of the tallest Nike Air bag in these. One more notable thing is how these black sneakers, adorned with iridescent, bubble-inspired accents, look like an alien space ship. If you jump in these, will you fly?

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather 

Photo by Converse.

The default would be to get the black Chucks, but if you dig around the shop, there is this dapper version of the low-top favorite. And by dapper, we mean super-soft black leather. The monochromatic license plate, a small detail at back, proves, even more, its commitment to darkness. Nice.

Sapatero Manila Astra

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We’ve got a homegrown contender for the most delicious black sneaker. The Astra, the third sneaker from Filipino shoemaker Sapatero Manila, is a minimalist dream. This is all surface and smoothness, interrupted only by slender laces and a contrasting lining (and the white sole—we’ll make an exception for this one). Its inky blackness just makes the sleek shape all the more pronounced.

Adidas X9000L4  

Photo by Adidas.

You know it’s getting serious when a sneaker is named so sexily. The X9000L4 is a high-tech running shoe that, says Adidas, is “designed for the fast pace and high energy of our hyperconnected world.” That’s a reference to the details, including floating triangles on the upper and the tread pattern, which is “inspired by computer-generated data,” on the outsole. But will it make you run faster?


Yeezy 500 Utility Black

Photo by Adidas.

Wouldn’t you know it? Ye likes black sneakers. If you require something of-the-moment, cool-approved, and ‘gram-worthy, the newest Yeezy drops in the Philippines on November 30. Not much to say about these except that they’ll probably sell out in less than a minute.

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