How to Remove Ash From Clothes

Cleanup is a must.

So you've survived a day of ashfall in Metro Manila. Now, you have to contend with the cleanup because ash is not like everyday dirt. According to "Its sharp, crystalline structure causes it to scratch and abrade surfaces when it is removed by wiping or brushing." So, yeah, it's super dirt.

What about your clothes then? Should you just chuck it in the machine or have your house elves do their usual magic? For those who braved the streets because they were compelled by a higher power (their boss), the website recommends the following methods for ridding clothes of ash:

1| Rinse or beat it.

"Ash-coated fabrics should either be rinsed under running water and then washed carefully, or they can be taken outside and beaten to remove the ash."

2| Do it in small batches.

"Soiled clothing will require extra detergent. Wash small loads of clothing, using plenty of water so the clothes will have room to move freely in the water." It is advised to wash heavily soiled garments separately.

3| Shake it.

The website also advises brushing or shaking your clothes before washing. This is especially important when using a dryer as ash may scratch the machine's surface.

One more thing: The organization underlines the importance of cleaning up outdoors first. No use doing all this when ash from your garden can float into your home again.

Also, protect yourself. Wear a mask when cleaning.

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