Filipinos Are Buying These (Surprising) Things Online During The Lockdown

The second round of Lazada’s Bounce Back sale returns with more goods for you.

In an attempt to return normalcy to our lives, we turn to shopping. Bad break up? Buy a Nintendo Switch. Terrible bosses? Get a house plant. Very high level of stress caused by the chaos and uncertainty of a never-ending pandemic? Purchase an inflatable swimming pool.

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While spending is not the cure to the problems of the world, it can help. Retail therapy has been observed to lift sour moods and, more important, provide a sense of control in an out-of-control life, as in we choose to buy this embarrassingly expensive designer coin purse and now there is order for our coins.

With that in mind, consider this as your pick-me-up: Lazada's 6.6 Bounce Back sale. It’s the eCommerce platform’s second sale focused on, not only making you feel good, but also helping businesses get back on their feet amid the pandemic. “Unboxing happiness is not just for our shoppers receiving their packages, but also the joy of our partners packing to deliver these parcels,” said Lazada Philippines chief executive officer Ray Alimurung.

Lazada reports that, since its first Bounce Back event in May, the number of sellers and brands for the second round, which happens from June 4 to 6, Thursday to Saturday, has almost doubled. That just means the variety is richer, and there will be something for every retail kink.

For us, that means heading to the electronics section, where there is a pair of Airpods 2, a 50-inch Smart TV, a 15-inch gaming laptop, and a Dyson vacuum cleaner (we are Dyson fiends) offered at slashed prices.


Notably, the event includes local sellers of fresh produce and also a “Hyundai Santa Fe HOMERUN Reservation Fee with zero interest for 5 years from P1,000 to now P600.” We don’t know what that exactly means, but it sounds intriguing. (A Lazada rep clarifies that this is a reservation coupon.)

What People Are Buying Online During Lockdown

If you are overwhelmed by the great abundance of stuff, turn to the platform’s most popular items—also known as the things people are searching for and adding to their carts during the pandemic. Of the 30,000 daily searches on Lazada, this mixed-bag of goods came up on top: tapioca pearls, loungewear, yoga mats, inflatable swimming pools, and DJ equipment. What?

That last one is a head-scratcher, but Lazada reports a seven-fold increase in orders for DJ equipment. The platform also shares it has sold more than 30,000 sets of loungewear, 140,000 units of inflatable pools, and nearly 65,000 yoga mats during the lockdown. All that sexy data tells us that Filipinos are staying sane by partying, exercising, swimming, and making homemade bubble tea, all while dressed in shorts and cut-offs.

What Safety Measures Are In Place for Deliveries

Now for the important bits: When will you get your stuff? And how safe will you be from the sinister virus?

A sale as big as this leads to a great number of purchases, so how will Lazada manage a high demand for delivery? “We have been continuously ramping our technical and logistics capabilities to keep up with the demand of customers' needs while ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff,” says Neil Trinidad, Lazada’s country chief marketing officer, to Esquire Philippines.

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In particular, the platform mentions how it has provided back-end support for online transactions to sellers of rice, meat, and vegetables. To facilitate more deliveries, we also made sellers capable to fulfill delivery of orders on their own,” says Trinidad.

As for pandemic protocols, the CMO shares how its warehouse and logistics team “have strict hygiene measures in place to ensure the well-being and safety of both our customers and staff.”

Facilities are disinfected regularly. Staff, who are provided with masks and disinfectants, follow hygiene practices and undergo temperature checks. Finally, during delivery, the rider observes physical distancing when handing packages to you.

Trinidad adds: “To reduce the risk of virus transmission and facilitate faster deliveries, we encourage customers to transact and pay via non-cash payment options such as Lazada Wallet.” So while this sale is a good excuse to spend on yourself (DJ equipment!), take it as a time to upgrade your shopping habits, too.

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