Tim Yap Wears All-Over Print Suits, and That's All Right

The host of the ABS-CBN Ball is all about big, bold patterns
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When it comes to clothes with a high degree of difficulty, the all-over print suit or patterned sport coat is right up there with Crocs, banana hammocks, and cargo shorts.

It’s damn tricky. It’s pretty easy to be swallowed up by a shroud of leaves or bugs or squares and easier still to look like a fool who thought he could pull off leaves, bugs, and squares all at once. 

That’s not to say this is an impossible endeavor. Wear a printed suit with an extra dose of courage. Put on a lemon yellow jacket with a pattern of lemons and, taking its lead, project happiness.

Okay, really: Wear a printed suit with a solid base like a dark shirt and equally dark shoes (or the reverse) or just break it up (wear the jacket or the trouser separately).

Observe: the immortal Tim Yap, host of the ABS-CBN Ball (happening tonight!) and purveyor of fun, is almost exclusively dressed in dizzying patterns and prints. He piles the stuff on top of one another without apology—and it works because it matches his personality. 

Can you imagine Tim in a standard navy suit? Nope. Here, he teaches us to walk in the spotlight always.  

The only way to wear a printed suit is with courage. Tim is never afraid to pile on the patterns, combining a patterned suit with a printed scarf (that is similar to or the same as the one Jared Leto wore the Met Ball).  

To temper the swerve of prints, the host often wears a blank canvas of white shirt and white footwear. Also, note the pink!


Jade green plus geometric pattern is a hard combination to beat. 

Where can you wear a tropical-print suit? Naturally in Hawaii. What do you wear it with? With a leaf scarf, of course.  

Okay, this reminds us of a schoolgirl skirt (do you know the school?). 

watch now

To soften the volume, break it up. See: this birds-and-foliage jacket with black-as-night trousers.  

Or wear it with white pants. Works, too. 

See how the daring of print can make its wearer very, very happy? 

See how you can also dial up the glamour in a wash of dark patterns? 

Maybe he’ll go with some version of inky-print drama for the ABS-CBN Ball. 



Just in case you think Tim’s style is one note, he can also do a quiet suit, but with incandescent sparkle.


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