Wear a piece of Apple history on your wrist

Steve Jobs’ covetable dress watch in the 1980s, the Seiko Chariot, is back on sale.
ILLUSTRATOR Jasrelle Serrano

Some images simply create themselves, with no need for direction or prompting. This intimate portrait of the late visionary Steve Jobs, capturing a younger and more relaxed moment of his life, is one of them. In it, the Apple founder can be found sitting cross-legged in his living room in Woodside, California with the early Macintosh on his lap. 

The black-and-white photograph by Norman Seeff made the cover of Time Magazine in 1984and has gone on to become one of the most iconic shots of Jobs—a pointed contrast to the harried, hyper-efficient man we recognize in biopics and Keynote presentations. There, the same jeans and long sleeves. But what most people tend to take for granted is his watch, the Seiko Chariot.

Japanese watchmaker Seiko has joined forces with Tokyo-based retailer Nano Universe to release a limited edition of Chariot series watches based on the minimalist timepiece worn by Steve Jobs. If the style looks familiar, that's because Seiko will be selling them in their original 33mm size and a slightly larger 37.5mm version. As you can see above, Jobs' actual watch had the former.


The new version of the watch comes in either a white or black dial; the company will be unveiling 1,982 units with a white dial, and another 300 in black. This charming timepiece features a simple black calf leather strap with a plain pin buckle. The case is made of black stainless steel, with a simple design that, like Jobs himself, never looks tired. 

It's baffling why no other brand until now has taken the advantage to pay tribute to the man, the watch, and the photograph. The Seiko Chariot goes on sale starting March 10th, but here's the catch: these watches will be exclusive to the Japanese market. (Why does Japan always get the best stuff?)

But don't let a trivial matter such as distance deter you. You can always call a friend in Tokyo or someone who'll be visiting the country soon. It's a lot better than trying to wear Jobs' turtleneck.

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