The Busy Man's Guide To What To Wear At Work And Beyond

Three genius style hacks for doing all and everything every day.
IMAGE Paul Del Rosario

So, yeah, life right now is more and more unsteady, inconstant, and plain ol' crazy. Which, we think, is just great. If you're a modern man who leads a modern life then your days should be unpredictable and, yes, even crazy. Where's the thrill in staying static, right?

The same goes for your clothes. The faultless suit you started with at seven in the morning (are you an early riser?) will most likely become something else at night when that friend from a long time ago sends you a message. Maybe you'll nix the coat and put on a leather jacket for afterwork drinks (and more).

And if you began with jeans, shirt, and white-as-snow sneakers on a Friday, it should be able to morph into something business-ready when a client asks for a meeting now! Tip: Keep a sport coat in your workplace.

But how do you execute these magical quick changes? That's where we and the how-to video below come in. And you're welcome.


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