What Filipino Men Wore In 2017: A Look Back at a Well-Dressed Year

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Your closet knows it, and so does your wallet. It's been a big year for men's fashion and you're looking better than ever. Every style leaning is well-represented with better options from the runways, streetwear brands, high-street stores, high-low collabs (Supreme x Louis Vuitton, J.W. Anderson x Uniqlo, anyone?), and independent brands.   

“The worldwide menswear industry now accounts for £300 billion in revenue and is predicted to outgrow the women's side of the business by 2020,” Esquire UK reports.  

With this brazen optimism, men’s style looked back to grunge, New Wave, and classic hip-hop. Streetwear's influence remains, too. Trainers didn't just belong in the gym and suits broke away from the boardroom.  

This has also been true in Manila's robust retail landscape as more multi-brand lifestyle stores, with a fine selection of menswear, popping up. 

Here's to a year of great style! 

1| Athleisure Goes Retro 

There's always a place for sportswear in menswear, but more so in 2017. There were Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Fila hoodies, Vetements' Champion collab, and Adidas Originals burnt orange zip-up nylon jumpers, to name a few. The bomber jacket remained a new classic, as well, and it's not going anywhere.


Think The Royal Tenenbaums when wearing these pieces. Less Harlem Globetrotters, more Ryan Gosling. 

2| Sneakers For Everywhere

Dress codes have toned down by a lot, and you can now wear sneakers to anywhere with anything—but not just any sneaker.

The first half of the year was all about the white sneaker: Stan Smiths and Gucci's Ace. The second half was about skate shoes like Vans and its fire collabs with everybody, from Off-White to Copenhagen-based Wood Wood.

And then, there was the ugly sneaker, whose epitome was Balenciaga's Triple S—chunky, stacked, misshapen dad shoes that gave balance to year's looser silhouette. 

3| Collars Spread Open

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Lito Atienza was on to something. Funky tropical prints aside, the aloha shirt trend was in full swing last summer. It reverberated in the form of flattering, shoulder-broadening camp collar shirts—without the print and in more tactile fabrics like silk or linen.  

4| T-shirts Made A Statement

Chaotic times called for change—or maybe just Instagram likes—with statement T-shirts, from Dior's “We Should All Be Feminists” shirts to Frank Ocean's tweet shirt, inspiring more woke, text-based designs.

As fashion zeroes in on the individual, the merch tee from rock bands, movie franchises, and books became popular, too. 

5| The Return of The Leisure Suit


From well-dressed guys like Harry Styles in Gucci suits to presidential legal counsel Atty. Salvador Panelo in his maroon suits and lilac ties, there was no dearth of sartorial adventurousness for intrigued audiences to take their cues from.

Eighties power dressing with wide lapels, pinstripes, padded shoulders, and flowing trousers are go-to choices for the celebrity looking to make a red carpet power move.

For daytime action, it's single-button suits in unlikely colors like millenial pink and looser tailoring a la Fred Astaire. The suit ditches the tie altogether and mixes it up with tees and sneakers.  

6| The Rise of Lifestyle Stores

Though the threat of an e-commerce takeover looms, the local retail landscape saw more brick-and-mortar lifestyle concepts where menswear isn't just an afterthought opening around the metro.

A few notable shops: Americana purveyor Regiment, a more apparel-focused Commonwealth flagship in Greenbelt 5, contemporary luxury stores Assembly and Distinqt, and indie outfits like Araw and Tropa.

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