All The Essential Grooming Tools A Man Should Have

Manners maketh man—at least that’s what Colin Firth’s Harry Hart taught the impressionable and style-challenged Eggsy early on in Kingsman. And with good manners comes an impeccable sense of hygiene; after all, making the effort to look, smell, and feel pristine shows much respect for the person you’re dealing with, whether it’s the boss at work or your special lady during dinner.

Every well-groomed man needs an arsenal of tools. From your noggin' to your soles, we’ve checked out the plethora of grooming devices out there and pared them down to the essentials. 


1| Double-sided comb
A man will always find a double-sided comb handy. A portable comb with differently sized teeth serve multiple purposes. The finer teeth let you to distribute product evenly through your locks and prevent buildup. Meanwhile, the wider gaps allow you to style your hair with a softer hold. The largest teeth will help define your hair part. Best to bring with you at all times. 


2| Tweezers
Take notes from your wife’s grooming kit and cop your own pair of tweezers. This tiny tool is versatile: It can be used to remove stray eyebrow hairs, as well as pull out ingrown hairs and splinters. 

3| Nose-hair trimmer
Your nose hair serves an important purpose: They trap dirt and debris from the air you breathe in. Plucking those hairs or completely removing them allows germs to travel into the nasal cavity and this can also lead to an infection. But long nose hair is unsightly, so we recommend a harmless electronic nose-hair trimmer that will trim the hairs to a neat length and vacuum away the excess. 


4| Beard clipper and beard comb
Beards have always been a timeless marker of style and masculinity, but just because you can grow a full beard in a week doesn’t mean you should let it grow wild, lest you risk looking like a hobo. Tame that bush by keeping it at a uniform length with a beard clipper, and keep it neat and tangle-free with a beard comb. Every scruff-sporting guy needs their own beard comb, because using your regular comb is not only size-inappropriate, it’s also unhygienic. 

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5| Razor
Razors should be standard issue in your bathroom drawer. While the disposable kind is an easy and inexpensive choice that’ll do for the weekend out of town, you should invest in a premium razor at home. This will not only give you a close shave, but also protect you from nicks and bumps.  


6| Shaving accessories
Achieving your best shave doesn’t stop with the right tool, especially if you’re only using soap to lather up, or worse, dry shaving. Get your hands on some premium shaving accessories, like shaving cream and brush. The cream hydrates those tough beard hairs, softening them for an easier cut, and lubricates the skin to minimize redness and irritation. Lather on the cream with a quality shaving brush. This brushes away dirt and oil on your skin, and eliminates ingrown hairs. 



7| Tongue scraper and dental floss
If you’ve ever noticed that your breath still carries a stale odor despite brushing your teeth religiously, the answer lies in your tongue, which still carries bacteria and food debris. Add a scraper to your oral routine because it reaches the crevices of your tongue, and of course, please don’t forget to floss to remove food particles stuck between your teeth. 

8| Nail clippers and nippers
Every man must have a pair of handy, stainless-steel nail clippers and nippers at home. It goes without saying that guys should trim their nails once a week, keeping them short enough to prevent dirt from collecting underneath. 

9| Callus remover
Hardened and cracked soles don’t just look horrendous; they’re a breeding ground for fungi, which is where that funky whiff is most likely coming from when you take your shoes off. If you can’t be bothered to go with your wife to her weekend trip to the nail salon, then at least invest in a callus remover for some DIY action at home.

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