These Homegrown Grooming Products Deserve a Place on Your Counter

We are living in the golden age of men's hair and grooming.
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There's a renaissance in men’s hair happening right now. As opposed to overly gelled combovers and embarrassing faux hawks, men are are requesting for haircuts their grandfathers once sported. They're also growing their beards, shaping them to look less like a mountain hermit's bush and more like a statesmen's facial hair.

It’s no surprise that today's barber scene has lead to the emergence of local grooming companies. Here, just some of the proudly Filipino labels you should consider. 

The Maverick PH

From making pomades in a Tondo kitchen in 2015, The Maverick PH has become a lifestyle brand that offers even more grooming products as well as clothing. The brand releases limited-run items such as Melon Mint, a whiskey-based pomade, and also Gambit, a volumizing hair cream with a matte finish. Keep tabs on them so you don't run out of the good stuff. 

Eight Wolves


No local grooming list is complete without Eight Wolves. Fans of the new-wave barber scene are familiar with this company’s much raved about products dressed in tattoo-style packaging. Wolves has plenty of pomades and other merch for grooming aficionados, but its beard products are the holy grails. Try the Traditional Beard Balm, which, according to Wolves, increases beard thickness and stimulates hair growth. 

Mankind Apothecary

Organic grooming products for men have now hit the scene. Mankind Apothecary Co, a grooming brand “for the guy’s guy,” offers a gamut of stuff, from shaving goods and pomades to facial masks and soaps, for every need. Mankind promises that its all-natural range, which does not include harmful ingredients, is clean and safe for use. To check out: the pre-shave oil for your pre-blade ritual. 

Grasa Pomade

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You know you have a quality product in your hands when it’s approved by barbers. Last year, Grasa worked with cult-favorite barbershop Heavyhands to release an unorthodox water-based pomade that works just like the oil-based goop without straining the scalp. Grasa also does quite well on its own: Nothing beats its old-fashioned pomade that is easy to work with and holds hair like a dream. Grasa partner Jolo Medina also swears by the beard oil, which he uses to maintain his magnificent beard. @grasa_quality_pomade

Pomps Not Dead

This unapologetically punk and Pinoy grooming company is found halfway across the world in Houston, Texas, but its founder Edwin Carson is undoubtedly Filipino (he grew up in Cebu before moving to the United States at 20). Their pomades, which are handmade in small batches, come in interesting flavors like Bacon Grease and Lucious Glory ("ultra violent hold"). There is also the “Prayer Para Guapo” candle, which we all need.

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