The Best Haircuts for Men

The very best cut is one that suits your life.
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What are the best haircuts for men? While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to getting a style for your mop, there are a few questions you can ask yourself before heading to your local barber: Is it (somewhat) timeless? Can I wear this to work? Does it suit my hair texture? Am I comfortable with it?

At the end of the day, the best haircut, no matter the style, comes down to quality (a perfect fade or a just-right trim). We've rounded up some of the best haircuts to try this year. Switch up your look with a mix of classic ‘dos and contemporary cuts. 

1| The French Crop 

While rockabilly cuts continue to dominate the local barber scene, there has been a surge of longer, even trendier cuts that deviate from the typical side part-and-comb-over combo. Take the case of the French crop, one of the more modern hair trends from 2018 that is well expected to carry on this year. It’s a tapered, more stylish take on the classic Caesar, with extra inches of hair on top that allow you to be a little more playful with styling. 


Recommended for: Guys with thin hair and younger lads who want to experiment with their style. You can use all sorts of products such as wax, pomade, or putty; it also works well with low-maintenance fellows as the style falls naturally into place. 

2| The Textured Cut 

Retro haircuts are getting an ostentatious update with the recent popularity of the textured cut. This style may just become one of the more definitive haircuts of the year, so it's great to do it right now while it's still cool (we're not sure how it will fare down the road). As well, the textured cut works well with Asian hair, which tend to be thick, straight, and coarse. And even if your hair is on the kinkier side, no need to worry. This style works well with curls. 

Recommended for: Men who prefer the trendier side of things or guys who don’t mind spending a little more time in the bathroom getting those spikes right. 

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3| The Loose Quiff 

Pompadours are not going anywhere in this new age of barbering, yet there’s another throwback alternative if you feel like switching up your look and especially if you’ve been rocking the high-and-tight style for quite some time. The loosely styled quiff was what teenage rebels wore proudly during the days of James Dean and Elvis Presley. Today’s quiff is more relaxed and more rugged, with a tousled appearance that looks like you just got out of bed. 

Recommended for: Men with round faces; the upswept hair will elongate the jawline. It’s especially great for guys struggling with baby face because it lends an effortlessly cool appearance. 

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4| The Caesar Cut 


The older, more serious brother of the French crop, the Caesar cut is primarily utilitarian, but if done right, it can also be an interesting and even the best haircut for men. The Caesar, in general, is short and uniform as it has the same length on top, at the back, and on the sides, making it incredibly low-maintenance. The classic haircut suits guys of all ages, from schoolboys to professionals. A trendier take on the ‘do is adding a blunt fringe at the front, which is recommended for men with longer faces. 

Recommended for: Men with thinning hair or guys who are into very active lifestyles such as athletes. It’s a fairly versatile haircut that can look good on straight, curly, or wavy hair.

5|  The Modern Faux Hawk 

The faux hawk is tricky because, if not done right, you run the risk of looking like a former emo kid clinging to his pop-punk collection for dear life. Give the 2000s-era hair an update with a playful mix of textures and fades. Ask your barber for a mid-fade on the sides and then style the bed of hair on top. 


Recommended for: Men on a nostalgia trip or younger fellas who've yet to get rid of all that angst. 

6| The Buzz Cut 

The buzz cut may not seem like much, but the military style really has a timeless appeal. It’s no wonder that it’s become the haircut of choice of some of the most stylish Hollywood stars, such as Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, and David Beckham. This cropped style is kept short with a bald fade and an all-around taper.  

Recommended for: The very low-maintenance man who's looking for a clean cut that requires no styling. 

7| The Executive Contour 


Think of American men in the glory days of 1950s suburbia. The executive contour is classy yet stylish, with the same appeal as the pompadour, but without its upkeep. Rockabilly fans will definitely gravitate toward this, but it’s also a great choice for nine-to-fivers looking to keep it cool in the workplace. To get the cut, the sides and nape are cleaned up with a traditional fade, while the top is left longer and styled sideways, following the shape of the head. 

Recommended for: Men who are setting foot in a barbershop for the first time or men who don’t want to raise the eyebrows of HR. 

How often should men get a haircut?

Well, that largely depends on the style. A well-executed haircut, as in one that has been engineered to look good as it grows out, lasts on average about three weeks, but shorter 'dos like, for example, the buzz cut, requires more frequent trips—even weekly appointments for the very fastidious man who wants his fade nice and tight all the time. 

Longer hairstyles can get away with up to a month or more of wear. Just be wary of looking unkempt. When the sides and back, which are shorter, start to look messy, it's time to visit the barber for your best haircut again.

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