Is It Okay To Keep A Dopp Kit At The Office?

Or, how to squeeze your grooming regimen into the middle of a workday.
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Every man owes it to himself to invest in a proper dopp kit for travel. After all, going out of town doesn’t mean you can put your basic hygiene and grooming regimen on hold. The traveling man’s dopp kit holds all his essential toiletries, and then some: everything from his dental floss to his prefered exfoliating facial scrub. But would it be too obsessive to keep one at the office, for regular work days?

The answer, of course, depends on the demands of your personal grooming. Some guys can do it all at home, at the start and end of their day—but others prefer (or even need) to attend to themselves more frequently. That should be perfectly acceptable, and not cause for judgment.

But it does help to keep your office dopp kit more bare than the one you’d bring along for travel. Pick a smaller one, and stick to the necessaries. Here’s what we recommend you stock it with:

A toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste, or mouthwash
When the dentist tells you to brush at least twice a day, he also means that thrice a day is ideal. If you’re the sort of guy who cares enough about yourself to keep an office grooming kit, a toothbrush and toothpaste should be first on your list. Alternatively (or additionally), mouthwash helps to keep your breath fresh in between meetings. Still keep your best toothbrush at home, though, and stick to a plain and straightforward one for the office.


Hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol
Keyboards and trackpads and mouses can get pretty oily and germ-infested. It’s good to keep some sanitizer handy (hah!) everywhere you go, including and especially the office. If you're feeling fancy, skip the grocery store brands and go for Aesop's rinse-free hand sanitizer, which has mandarin rinds, rosemary leaves, and cedar.

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One fragrance, and one fragrance only
Have a bottle of cologne ready in case you need to be extra presentable for office functions, but don’t keep an entire stash of different fragrances here. Mr. Burberry has one in a nice compact size.

An easy-to-clean comb
The trouble with combs and hairbrushes is that they tend to accumulate a lot of undesirable substances from your hair, and well, a lot of your hair, too. If you’re particular about your hairstyle and would like to keep a comb in your office, make sure it’s small and that you clean it regularly, especially if you use styling products like pomade or wax.


A reliable facial cleanser
There’s nothing too vain about washing your face in the middle of the day—let no one tell you otherwise. But because you can’t very well do it with the suspicious hand soap in your office bathroom, it’s reasonable to keep one good facial cleanser in your office dopp kit.

Nail clipper
We’re not saying you should be the guy who clips his nails at the office (you should have already done that at home). But hangnails and chipped nails can be pretty agonizing. If only to be ready to deal with them, keep a basic nail clipper around. It doesn't have to be this one from Klhip, which will set you back USD35.00 (about PHP1,800), though—convenience store clippers would be fine. Just please don't clip your nails at your desk. 


Spray-on Deodorant
Like the nail clipper, this is already something you should have done at home. But some men are sweatier than others, and less-than-pleasant smells are embarrassing. For emergencies, keep a spray-on bottle of deo with you, but pray you never have to use it.

Wet wipes
Keep these for when nature calls, but also for general uses, including a few clever ones like removing shirt stains or even cleaning your shoes.


Also, only if you need it:

Contact lens solution: And a contact lens case, so you can always take them off when your eyes feel strained.
Oil control film: This one seems to border on vanity, but hey, if you have oily skin, you have oily skin.
Moisturizer or specific scrubs and lotions: You probably shouldn’t keep all the products for your entire five-step skincare routine in the office, but if you insist...

Just don’t bother with:
Shaving products: You could use a little five o’clock shadow sometimes.
Hairstyling products: A comb is enough, even if you’re on Johnny Bravo-levels of hair obsession.
Soaps and shampoos: Unless you shower in the office, for whatever reason.
A towel: A clean handkerchief should do the trick.

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