How To Take Your Old Haircut Into The Present

Is you haircut out-of-date?

Are you still sporting your favorite haircut that looked good in the '90s, 2000s, or even early this year? It's time for an update. A little buzz here and a little chop there will make your mop fresh again. Below, three updated cuts that will make you look like a man who is never afraid to move forward.

The Old: Buzz Cut
The New: Grown-Out Buzz Cut

Recently spotted on: Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049

Best for: Straight to wavy hair 

How to get it: Everyone, from Jaden Smith to Elijah Wood, hit the grooming reset in the past months. The buzz cut was also a 2000s red carpet favorite, but we predict it'll be old news pretty soon because it's the brrr months. Grow it out, but not too much and not without the help of your stylist, who will trim it in a form that flatters your head shape and hair type. 


How to style it: You can get away with no styling products as Gosling did during the premiere of Blade. But if you insist, style your hair with your hands. Using a wet-look wax, target the roots of the hair first, which is how product helps control the direction of your hair (by planting itself at the root) and then tamp down the sides. 


The Old: Fade
The New: Hollywood Low Taper

Recently spotted on: Daniel Day-Lewis in Phantom Thread

Best for: All textures, but thick. Also guys with receding hairlines at the temples

How to get it: It's an easy segue from the high-tapered undercuts with length on top that are usually slicked back, '20s or '40s style. Ask for a low-taper cut, where there is fullness and balance at the sides and back. Keep it mid-length.

How to style it: Blow dry hair then smooth with clay to create volume and hold. Then, sweep it back with a flat brush although not necessarily as fastidiously as Day-Lewis does it in the film. 

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The Old: Curtain Hair
The New: Middle Part

Recently spotted on: David Beckham

Best for: Straight to wavy hair; can also conceal receding hairlines at the temples

How to get it: Not to be confused with the curtain cut, which is also parted in the middle (think Romeo + Juliet-era Leonardo di Caprio), it's distinguished by the shorter back and sides. Today's middle part has volume and is more about the placement of the part than the style itself, so you'll need to grow out your hair to a middle or long length to be able to do it. Ask your haircutter to keep the sides long and then get things growing in the right direction. 

How to style it: Use a fine-toothed comb to detangle hair and define the middle part and also a sea salt spray to lift limpness. You'll also find that hats now look more appealing on you.

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