9 Best Pieces of Advice on 'How to Be an Attractive Man'

Valuable tips from the people of Reddit

Ok, so you want to be a handsome man, but you don't know how. First of all, you could turn to us for help, we're your friends. We'll show you how to sort out your hair and skin care regime; how to lose that last bit of belly and become more handsome in as little as a week... we're here for you.

But if you're looking for even more assistance (it's ok, we're not crying, it's just windy outside today), then you could always turn to Reddit, where a thread titled How To Be An Attractive Man is gaining some hefty traction amongst men looking for The Answer.

Rather than force you to trawl through the swamp of it all, we've gathered the 9 most salient and beneficial points.

Now go and be handsome.

1| Wear a face cream with UVA/UVB protection, at least SPF 15 every day to prevent wrinkles. It won't stop you from tanning and will keep you looking young.

2| Get in the habit of walking with a straight back. You can do this by strengthening the muscles in your back (pull-ups with wide and pronated grip are a good one for this) and by reminding yourself to straighten your back throughout the day.

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3| Take care of your feet. Cut your toenails regularly, use foot cream once a week or so, and wash them when you shower.

4| Read at least one book a month. Surely there is something you've been meaning to read? Go to a bookstore or a library. Download the ebook.


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5| Make stuff happen! Most people tend to be afraid of initiating things, so be the one to set something in motion. Call your friends! Invite people out!

6| Learn how to cook. Obviously you can never completely "learn how to cook", but take the time to learn a few basic skills that will allow you to throw some meals together. When around others who are familiar with cooking, watch them as they do it and ask them questions about it.

7| Try to diversify income sources. Easier said than done, but if you can find a way to make even a tiny bit of money doing something you really like to do (and you already have a sufficient main income), then make that side income.

8| Treat yourself every once in a while. If there's something you really want to do, have, or experience but, you feel it is too expensive or unnecessary just do it. Life is about spending your time in pleasant and meaningful ways.

9| Travel. Get out and see whatever it is you can see. Let your scope expand to your budget. If money is tight, become a local expert on cool places near you.

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