These Perfumes Cost Next to Nothing, But are Pretty Potent

Smelling good doesn't come at a price.
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We're going to lead with the best news: These bottles of good-smelling stuff from local company Scentsmith Perfumery each costs P1,198. 

That's, let's see, a petite meal for one at a fancy restaurant, or around four aburi makis at Ooma, or a triple dozen Original Glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, or about a fifth of the cost of the least expensive designer perfume.

Local company Scentsmith Perfumery offers 21 blends of eau de perfumes at a fraction of the cost. IMAGE: Scentsmith

To be exact, that's just over a thousand clams for a 100 ml bottle of perfume-grade potion, so you're getting a lot of quality stuff. Remember that there is a scale of potency when it comes to scents, from eau de cologne (two to four percent of perfume oil) to eau de toilette (five to 15 percent) to eau de parfum (15 to 20 percent) to perfume (20 to 30 percent). 

The more concentrated the dosage, the more the magic lasts. Your citrus-y cologne, for example, lingers for around two hours and thus will require repeated application, while a perfume lives on the skin, they say, for an entire day.


For the man who prefers strange scents, there is the heady flavors of pink pepper wood. IMAGE: Scentsmith

There are 21 perfumes to choose from, including five unisex scents such as the lavander nectar. IMAGE: Scentsmith

Scentsmith only makes eau de perfumes, and a wear test of one of its intriguing compounds, the pink pepper leather, proves just how potent these can be. Despite a punishing workout that transformed the body into a puddle of sweat, the dusky scent persisted (it's a wear-to-dinner scent that maybe confused our fellow gym-goers—sorry!). The following day, a hint of the perfume was still picked up in the car, the scene where a pump's worth of pink pepper was deployed onto the chest

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There are 21 perfumes to choose from, with eight mixes for men, eight for women, and five that can be shared by both. For men who prefer something beyond the usual, try the pink pepper leather or the saffron oud. There's also the bergamo patchouli, a gift for the daring woman, and the pepper guaiacwood for an adventurous couple. 

The apothecary-inspired space also doubles as a mini-lab, where perfumes are made. IMAGE: Scentsmith

As its name imples, Scentsmith hand-blends its own perfumes in store. Your scent is only prepared after you've chosen from the menu (tip: men's start with the number two) sort of like how restaurants prepare dishes a la minute. And you can watch the entire process through the clear glass that divides the mini-lab from the Pinterest-approved shop space. 

Good to know: These are made without the bad juju of parabens, SLES, phthalates, mineral oils, petroleum, paraffins, and DEA, and are are housed in amber-hued bottles that protect the scents from light. They'll include your name on the label, too, which will be handy for gifting.


Scentsmith will make your preferred potion on the spot, compounding the ingredients and personalizing the bottle. IMAGE: Scentsmith

IMAGE: Scentsmith

IMAGE: Scentsmith

Speaking of gifts, if you're looking for more perfumed choices, Scentsmith offers products for the body, hair, and home such as body oils, shampoos, humidifier oils, candles, and loo drops, all of which are under a P1,000.

And if you're wondering what that last one is all about, it is exactly what it sounds like. Maybe for someone on a vigorous cleanse?

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Also available are scented concoctions for the body, hair, and home. IMAGE: Scentsmith

IMAGE: Scentsmith

IMAGE: Scentsmith

Candles, shampoos, humidifier oils, and loo drops complete the perfumed life. IMAGE: Scentsmith

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