The Esquire Guide To Taking Care of Your Long-Awaited Beard

If you're one of the lucky Filipino men blessed with facial hair, you might want to make sure you can keep it groomed. Going for the lumberjack meets Yosemite Sam look? Well, we know exactly how to fix your unkept man shrub.

  • Cut your beard where it's most hairy but be very wary about how much you're taking off.
  • Think about the shape you want and base your snipping there. You wouldn't want to lose what you worked and waited years for. 
  • Trim the part near the sideburns; even out the strays; and cut out any damaged strands.
  • Now rub some oil all over your masterpiece and style as you would. Use an electric razor to cut off some unwanted stragglers.

Eliminate the fuzz and make a buzz.

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