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Introducing the movie formerly known as 'Fisting'
This would've been one of the best movie titles of recent memory, if not for a disappointing last-minute change. The feature formerly known as Fisting: Never Tear Us Apart, now renamed Never Tear Us Apart, is director Whammy Alcazaren's third film, slated to release as part of ...
Jerrold Tarog's short film may now be seen online.
If you saw I'm Drunk, I Love You in cinemas last year, you may have already seen Jerrold Tarog's Angelito, an 18-minute short film that takes place immediately after the events of Heneral Luna, and serves as a bridge to the upcoming Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral. ...
As early as now, get an idea of what to expect for this year’s QCinema.
.The Quezon City International Film Festival has been one of the most important celebrations of contemporary cinema in the Philippines. Over recent years, QCinema has been bringing in some great films from the international festival circuit, and has been playing an active ...
Heneral Luna's director, Jerrold Tarog, on the faults of his main character, and why we should not glorify dictators.
Promotions and preparations for the release of my upcoming film, Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral are under way, and along with the expectations and anticpation, I've also had to field criticism as well. Last week, author and De La Salle University professor Leloy Claudio ...
The Cinema One Originals Film Festival features 9 full-length indie films, 7 restored classics, 14 international films, and 13 previous C1 Originals.
If you need any more proof that local cinema has been seeing something of a resurgence recently, consider the film festivals we’ve had in 2017. Hot off last year’s uncharacteristically independent Metro Manila Film Festival, this year has seen the first Pista ...
Khavn De La Cruz called QCinema out for changing his film’s rating “without due process.”
In an indignant Facebook post on Monday morning, filmmaker Khavn De La Cruz (who goes by just "Khavn") fired shots at the board of the Quezon City International Film Festival for changing the rating of his film, Balangiga: Howling Wilderness, from General ...
These full-length features are challengers in the QCinema Circle Competition
The annual Quezon City International Film Festival is kicking off this Friday, October 20, which means that there’s a bunch of great new films hitting theaters across the northern parts of Metro Manila.This year’s QCinema has competition categories (Circle, RainbowQC, Asian Next ...
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